10 of the best tall cacti

Tall and large cacti have a different and attractive appearance. Usually, when you think about buying and maintaining indoor plants, you don’t think of these types of cacti, but if you are a risk-taker and like to add a different plant to your home or office, try keeping tall cacti! With their special appearance, these cacti bring a corner of pristine nature to your home and captivate the eyes of every viewer!

Tall cacti are a different choice and as an item in line with the latest fashion, they can give a modern look to your home. The tallest cacti have a height between 4 and 18 meters. Potted types of tall cacti are suitable for keeping in apartment environments and you can easily get them from most flower and plant stores.

According to what we said, if you are planning to buy a cactus and you like to have special and tall cacti, do not miss this article.

Mexican Fence Post, the first cactus from the list of tall cacti

In part of the name of this cactus, there is the word “fence beam”. This word is enough to find out at first sight that this cactus is one of the tall cactuses. If you grow Mexican Fence Post at home, it can grow up to 2.5 meters tall. After your cactus reaches the specified height, you should move it outside so that it can continue to grow without environmental problems.

This plant grows in bunches and creates beautiful white borders on its surface. If you take care of this cactus from the first days, you can witness its beautiful growth process. Then you will find out how good a gardener you are!

It is interesting to know that outdoors, this cactus can reach maturity and reach a height of about 6 meters.

Pachycereus Pringlei

It seems that the country of Mexico is the cradle of the world’s tall cacti! The giant Mexican cactus is one of the tallest cacti you can grow in your home garden. The growth of this cactus is completely vertical and upward; For this reason, many people plant it as a fence at the edge of their garden. The giant Mexican cactus can grow more than 18 meters! The unique appearance of this cactus has made its apartment types to become one of the most special plants. It is very easy to maintain this plant and you can enjoy its potted varieties in your home without any trouble!

Despite its great height, this cactus grows slowly and takes a long time to reach maturity. Put it in a desert-like environment and be patient; Because you will never be disappointed and in the end, you will have a beautiful cactus.

Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro is an inseparable member of the list of tallest cacti in the world. If you see it in the desert (its original nature), you will be amazed by its great height and large size. Saguaro grows best in full sunlight. Of course, it takes years for a saguaro cactus to mature, something like 200 years! But after reaching maturity, the height of this cactus will be between 12 and 18 meters.

Even if you go to the desert without any previous knowledge, you can recognize the saguaro cactus at a glance; Because its classic appearance is always recognizable and it seems to have become a symbol of the cactus world. It should be mentioned that the main trunk of Saguaro also produces side arms and has sharp and stiff blades that you should be careful of when dealing with it.

San Pedro (Echinopsis Pachanoi)

San Pedro is another dreamy tall cactus that you can keep in your home. Maintaining this tall cactus as a houseplant is easy and it is interesting to know that this cactus grows fast in areas with moderate climate. San Pedro can grow up to 6 meters in the right conditions. If you plant it indoors, make sure the soil is well-drained and the plant receives full sunlight.

You can recognize the San Pedro cactus by its multi-branched tubular appearance (similar to many small trees). When young, the color of the stem of this plant is light green to blue-green, but with time this color becomes darker. San Pedro can also produce large white flowers. These trumpet-like flowers have a sweet fragrance and eventually turn into fruit.

Blue Myrtle Cactus (Myrtillocactus Geometrizans)

The blue myrtle cactus is one of the fast-growing tall cacti that becomes like a tree over the years. This cactus can grow up to 4 meters high. Blue myrtle is refreshing even after reaching maturity and retains its youthful vigor well. Blue myrtle is also considered as a lovely flowering plant and it can produce white or dark purple flowers in spring!

This cactus continues to grow without any branches for a long time, but after reaching maturity, you will see the appearance of several branches. Blue myrtle in its original nature has strong and dense branches, but if you do not want this cactus to grow too much and become dense, you should plant it in a small pot and place it indoors.

Old Man Cactus

The old man cactus captivates you with its incredible beauty and height. This beautiful plant grows covered in a white silky layer, that’s why they chose the name old man. The old man cactus grows up to 2 meters high indoors, but it can reach 14 meters high outdoors! As soon as the cactus reaches 6 meters in length, beautiful flowers appear on the plant.

If you want to have an attractive old man cactus, just provide it with plenty of sunlight and you will see an attractive cactus covered in a silky layer!

Armatocereus Oligogonus

This cactus is one of the tall tree-like cacti and belongs to South America. After reaching maturity, the armored cactus reaches a height of about 12 meters and can produce branches in pieces. The blades of this cactus are very sharp, so be very careful when handling it. One of the distinctive features of this cactus is the gray-blue color of its stems.

Like many other cacti, garden-planted armor can produce beautiful red flowers, just be careful when picking these flowers as they are covered in protection from sharp blades. After the passage of time, red or green fruits also appear on the surface of this cactus; Although they have blades at first, they will lose their blades after ripening.

Organ Pipe Cactus (Stenocereus Thurberi)

The tube cactus is one of the most prominent tall cacti that should not be overlooked in any way. After the saguaro, the pipe is the second largest cactus planted in the United States. The diameter of the trunk of this cactus is approximately 15 cm. Unlike saguaro, a pipe does not grow as an independent trunk, but grows many branches from the same soil surface. It is interesting to know that this large cactus is also edible! Jellied meat like that will be edible after fermentation. More interestingly, Native American people used the inner flesh of the tube cactus as their food source for many years.

The green-gray stems of this cactus can grow up to 7 meters high if the conditions are right. Tubular blades are brown in color and cover the surface of its stems. Tube cactus has the potential to be kept at home and you can also plant it in a pot and keep it in an apartment.

Orchid Cactus

Orchid cactus is another giant tall cactus and after reaching maturity, it grows to a height of more than 9 meters. This cactus is found in tropical rain forests, but it can grow in other places as well; Of course, as long as its environmental conditions are similar to the same forests.

If you are a cactus orchid lover, don’t let its tall height make you regret keeping it! This cactus can be a very good houseplant for you. To maintain it, it is enough to place it in a lot of but indirect sunlight. If the conditions are suitable for it, you will see its pink, white, red, yellow and orange blossoms in summer.

Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia Tirucalli)

Pencil cactus is a tall and beautiful cactus. Apartment varieties of this cactus grow up to 2 meters in height and reach 9 meters in length if planted in the garden (outdoor environment). Pencil cactus belongs to India and Africa. You can easily keep the pencil cactus as an apartment plant and keep its height constant up to the ceiling of your house. The interesting thing about this cactus among the tall cactuses is that the branches reach the width of a pencil, and this is the reason for the name of this cactus.

During the maintenance of the pencil cactus, if you keep the ambient temperature around 25 degrees Celsius, the pencil cactus will appreciate your efforts. Be careful that the sap of this plant is poisonous, so keep it out of the reach of children and pets, and be sure to wear thick gloves when handling it.

As a last point about the pencil cactus, it should be said that young pencil cacti have tiny pink leaves that will disappear over time. According to the characteristics of the pencil cactus, if you are looking for an attractive cactus with a minimum amount of maintenance, then a pencil will be a great choice for you.



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