10 Tips for Harvesting Crops

10 Tips for Harvesting Crops

10 Tips for Harvesting Crops

The main question among gardeners is that when is the right time for harvesting crops, and how it must be done.

In addition, we are impatient about harvesting crops; therefore, we may pick them too early. We may also pick them so late due to distractions. When it comes to picking crops, these issues are so important.

If you want to know about the right time for harvesting crops and how it must be done, here are 10 tips for harvesting crops:

1.Check Your Crops Everyday

Maybe one of the most important tips for harvesting crops is to check your plants and crops daily. Without checking your garden, you will miss the right time for harvesting crops and therefore, these crops will be left to rot. These rotten crops attract pests and finally, these pests will cause disease. In this case, you will find nothing in your garden but bugs, pests, and rotten crops. However, if you check your garden every day, there is no way to miss the ripe crops. That is why it is so important to check your crops daily.

In addition, do not forget that if you harvest your crops when they are fully ripe and ready to pick, in most cases it will encourage the plants to produce more.

2.Do not Let Crops Get Bigger

Most people think that the bigger the fruit, the better. However, that is not true. Do not let crops grow too big. It is better to harvest them when they are still small. When most vegetables are small, they have better taste and tender texture.

10 Tips for Harvesting Crops

3.Harvest Crops Gently

Picking crops is a great job to give to your children. In addition, it is fun to let them harvest crops. Nevertheless, if your children want to help you, be sure to tell them to be gentle when picking crops, because vegetables tend to bruise too easily.

Bruises are not important because of crops’ appearance. But they are important because these bruises will cause crops to rot faster and therefore, the lifespan of crops will be shortened.

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4.Place Crops in a Large Enough Basket

To avoid bruising in crops, use large enough baskets when picking them. The size of the basket should be large enough to allow vegetables to breathe easily.

5.Do not Step on Crops

In order not to step on crops, make sure to have a clear walkway or be careful where you step on. If you damage crops with your foot, plants will tend to become a place for diseases and pests. Maybe it seems that this tip is not that critical, however, it can be highly important.

6.Do not Forget The variety of Crops You Planted

When you have a big garden with several varieties of crops, it can be difficult to remember all the information about the varieties that you have planted, including the time that each variety gets ripe. Being informed about these crops helps you to have a better product. In addition, if you stay informed, you will pick all crops at the right time.

10 Tips for Harvesting Crops

7.Watch Out for Diseases and Pests

It is highly important to check your plants’ health regularly. Any hole or spot on leaves can be a symptom of diseases and pests.

8.Be Realistic

When you grow vegetables, you have to understand that they do not always look like what you see at grocery stores.

With unrealistic expectations, you will face some problems. For example, you will always compare your plants with what they must look like. Then, you will wait to be in their perfect look, and at last, they become rotten.

9.Stems need to be Harvested Quickly

Vegetables and herbs, which do not produce fruit, should be picked early. In this case, crops are more tender. In addition, they will have a better taste too.

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10. Fruits must be Ripe

There are other plants that produce fruits. In this case, you have to wait until their fruits fully get ripe on the plant. So, do not pick them too early, because they are still raw and not delicious at all.


Picking crops is one of the most important parts of gardening; you have to know when is the right time for harvesting crops, how to pick crops, and how to control diseases and pests. With these tips for harvesting crops, you will be able to have a better product.

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