7 Reasons Why Gardening is Great for your Mental Health

Even if you think you have a “brown thumb,” you could realize that growing something from the ground you live on is as satisfying as it is soothing. There has never been a better moment to start a pastime, and spending some peaceful time with nature may be just what you need for a pick-me-up. Here is the list of 7 reasons why gardening is great for your mental health.

Mental health and happiness

In this post, we will look at seven ways gardening may boost your mental health and general happiness. So settle down and get ready to learn how gardening may lead to a better, more satisfying existence.

Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the most prevalent unpleasant human emotions experienced by people all over the world. More than 75% of people feel stress that has an impact on their physical health. Your body may suffer from muscular strain, high blood pressure, digestive issues, or other diseases.

Minimizes the creation of cortisol

Anxiety and sadness might develop as a result of your stress. Your stress levels are likely to decrease by directly connecting with the basic components of gardening, such as soil, sunlight, and nature. Spending time in the garden minimizes the creation of cortisol, a stress hormone generated by the body. Cortisol is the hormone that causes foggy thinking, a raised heart rate, sweaty hands, and other undesirable side effects. Gardening has been shown in studies to be more stress-relieving than reading!

Boost Your Immune System

The sunshine you get from sitting in your plant box does more than simply help with your stress levels; it also has additional advantages! Gardening can boost your immune system, making it simpler to fight off infections–or viruses–that are wreaking havoc on our planet today.

Create neutrophils

Getting your hands filthy in the soil of your garden also provides the correct type of immune boosters. Gardening will help your body create neutrophils rather than eosinophils, which cause allergic symptoms. These white blood cells are already part of your innate immune system and are always on the lookout for microbial intruders. These are the bio-fighters you want in your body, especially now!

Muscle Growth

While gardening will not necessarily get you ready for your next bodybuilding competition, it will certainly provide those little muscles all around your body a nice exercise. The pastime was even classified as a workout by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention! One of the reasons why gardening is great for your mental health is that in fact, gardening may burn up to 300 calories and exercise all major muscle groups in just 30-45 minutes!


Being cooped up for months on end may have taken its toll on your strength. If you haven’t been receiving the same level of everyday movement or exercise, your muscles will have weakened over the previous few months of confinement. Gardening is a low-cost, easy-going approach to get back into regular physical activity without harming your body.

Maintain Your Presence

It might be difficult to live in the present when you are continuously concerned about the world’s issues. One of the reasons why gardening is great for your mental health is that with the continual barrage of Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook updates, maintaining a sense of serenity is becoming increasingly challenging. Gardening is a great way to get away from it all.

Get Some Vitamin D by Soaking in the Sun

Exposing your skin to the sun offers a plethora of advantages of its own. The most significant consequence is an increase in Vitamin D production. Unfortunately, as of 2018, 42 percent of Americans reported being vitamin D deficient. This is surprising given that all your body requires is 10-15 minutes of sunshine per day!

Discover a Sense of Purpose

Gardening provides a more meaningful feeling of purpose in your life, which is a one-of-a-kind benefit. One of the reasons why gardening is great for your mental health is that you are no longer live for the sake of waking up every morning, but you do have something to care for, nurture, and grow to its full potential.

Make Connections

Last but not least, gardening helps you to reconnect with the people and the environment around you. When was the last time you sat outside and felt the warmth of the sun on your skin or the texture of a leaf in your hand? When was the last time you had a meaningful discussion about a project or a hobby? Gardening brings people and communities together.

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