A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

If fungi have entered your pots, you should know that this is a common problem and many other people have the same problem. There are a variety of ways to kill potty fungus, which may vary depending on the fungus. Of course, there are many similarities between all methods of controlling potty fungi.

In addition, there are several methods that are preventive, and if we consider them, the problem of fungi does not reach a stage where they are a danger to the health of the flowers.

In the following, also about A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

We will talk about variety of methods for removing potty fungus

All kinds of fungus harmful to health

Harmful fungi for potted plants themselves

Before you try to get rid of potty fungus, you need to know some of the types of fungi.

Because some fungi are not dangerous.

If you know what kind of fungus you are dealing with, you will take the right way to prevent or fight it and you will avoid unnecessary and extra actions.

Fungi that are harmful to the health of potted plants are diverse, and the problems they pose to the plant are not necessarily the same.

Because all kinds of fungi attack different tissues of the plant.

For example, some molds invade parts of the plant’s soil, but others infect plant roots.

Some also attack all parts of the plant.

However, for all potted fungus, the word mold is used.

But fungi that grow on extraterrestrial parts of the plant, such as stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits, are also called “plant rust.”

A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

Fungi harmful to human health

The reason for eliminating potting fungus in some cases is not just to protect the plants!

Potted fungus may also endanger human health.

For example, some types of potted fungus are allergenic, pathogenic or toxic to humans and need to be combated more.

Because otherwise they may cause major health problems for one or more family members.

In addition to harming the plant itself, some fungal infections of potted plants also endanger human health.

Types of potted fungus in terms of appearance

A common way to classify potty molds is to classify them based on their color.

Strategies to fight and eliminate pot fungus

Pay attention to the soil of the pots

The main substrate of many types of fungi is potting soil.

So in order for your potted plants to be safe from fungal diseases, you should consider the following points:

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Select clean soil free of fungal contamination

Adjust the optimal soil composition so that the soil has proper drainage and ventilation.

Periodically clean the soil surface of the pot from rotten and dry plant tissues.

Before planting the plant in the soil, you can disinfect the potting soil by heating. To do this, the soil can be heated to a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius for about half an hour in various ways.

Disinfect the soil by adding natural fungicides such as cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Of course, you should add a small amount of these substances to the soil in the amount of one or two teaspoons.

Proper irrigation of potting soil; One of the main causes of fungal diseases is excessive watering. If you want to succeed in eliminating the fungus in pots, you must first abandon excessive watering as a destructive habit.

A variety of methods for removing potty fungus

The effect of sunlight on the fungus

The plant has access to enough light and air; in some cases, it is enough to increase the distance between the pots to eliminate the fungus.

To provide enough air to the upper parts of the plants.

Also, if enough light shines on the pots, no other action may be needed to fight fungal diseases.

And sunlight alone kills plant fungi.

Of course, the light and the appropriate distance between the pots are mostly to prevent fungus.

In case of severe fungal attack on the plant, you should take more measures.

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Use suitable fungicides

If you want to use fungicides to kill potted fungus, it is best to know the type of fungus first.

This is not so difficult and we mentioned the common types of potted fungus above.

After finding out the type of fungus, use a suitable fungicide.

For example, to treat powdery mildew, if the above-mentioned tasks were not enough and it was decided to fight powdery mildew with a fungicide,

It is better to use organic fungicides.

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