Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants

Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants

Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants

Plants and flowers with their beautiful appearance and unique aroma, distract our senses from their unique complexity and order. In addition to beauty, plants also contribute to our mental health. In this article, we are going to discuss the Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants. So that talking to most plants makes them fresher. But plants also occasionally become deficient in nutrients and various elements. This problem can be solved by using various methods. Plants generally need to receive 16 different elements for better growth. They receive oxygen, carbon and hydrogen naturally from the air.

And other elements, which are nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, boron and chlorine, are obtained from the soil. Most of the time and for various reasons such as plant sensitivity, bad environmental conditions, lack of sufficient light and other reasons, the plant suffers from a lack of these elements. The lack of iron and nitrogen is more than other elements and is somewhat more common.

Because of the 16 elements mentioned, iron and nitrogen are the most important. At this time, we need to go to various methods, including simple home methods, and provide supplements for plants and meet their needs. Iron tablets for houseplants are a very useful and quick solution that eliminates the most important plant deficiency, ie iron deficiency.

Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants

Iron is one of the most important needs of the plant

Iron has many benefits for plants, and the most important of these benefits is the production of chlorophyll or greens in the plant.

Which makes the plant look green, photosynthetic and healthy.

Lack of iron or lack of it, causes the leaves and green parts of the plant to fade and in most cases also causes the leaves to turn yellow.

Other benefits of iron include the freshness of flowers and plants.

If you touch a petal or a leaf with your hands and you are thrilled by its thickness and roughness, it is a sign that there is enough iron for the plant.

Benefits of iron tablets for houseplants

How to detect iron deficiency in plants?

If you want to know if your plant is iron deficient, take a look at the youngest leaves of the plant.

Because at this time, the youngest leaf or bud will show the most change.

When iron is deficient or deficient, the leaves begin to turn yellow, but their green streaks remain.

Another symptom you may have encountered is the appearance of brown spots on the veins or margins of plant leaves. As a result of these spots, the leaves dry out and the growth of branches and leaves also slows down. In iron-deficient cereals, the leaves have a corrugated shape. In fruit trees, the veins are somewhat green, but elsewhere the leaves are abnormally yellow.

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Why do plants become iron deficient?

One of the reasons that plants are not able to absorb iron and it is not so visible is the alkalinity of the soil.

When the pH of the soil exceeds seven, the soil becomes alkaline and most plants can not absorb the element iron. The opposite is also true, meaning that plants whose soil has a pH of less than seven and is somewhat acidic may not be able to absorb iron. In many cases, many diseases or plant deficiencies can be eliminated by just balancing the soil pH. Because when the pH is balanced according to the type of plant for the soil, the readiness to receive the nutrients it needs also increases. In some cases, the soil may be rich in certain elements, such as calcium; When the soil has a lot of calcium, it is no longer useful to use iron tablet solution for houseplants. Because this soil is rich in calcium, it does not allow iron to dissolve in the soil.

Is iron tablets better for houseplants or fertilizers containing iron?

Today, various fertilizers have been made for a variety of plant needs, which also contain some iron. Due to their strength, these fertilizers are not suitable for every plant and their use is principled and with a specific timing. But there is another point about fertilizers that you know, they have problems such as chemical, poor quality, high volume, high price and variety Which may confuse you in choosing them.

If your houseplant is deficient in nutrients or elements such as iron, the best way is to do a series of home remedies. That you both have confidence in the method and process and save time and money.

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Using iron tablets for houseplants and of course using them properly and instead is a cheap and safe method for your plants.

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