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Can plants live in pots forever?

Plants can live in pots for long time with special care. we know, plants need sunlight. In summer, if direct sunlight hits the plants, it will kill them. In this article, useful solutions for caring for flowers and houseplants are presented, which you can use to grow beautiful plants. In this article, there are 18 tips that can be very helpful for your plants.

Tips for growth of plants in pots

· Adequate light for the greenhouse:

To solve this problem, mix a little soil with water and pour it on your greenhouse glass. In winter, when the rain comes, the mixture of water and soil is washed away and enough light reaches the flowers.

· What water to use for irrigation:

1- Due to the presence of chlorine in tap water, it is better not to use tap water for irrigation. Instead, put water in the house for 2-3 hours and then use it for irrigation so that its chlorine settles.

2- If you boil an egg, do not throw away its water. Because it has the best mineral water for your pots due to its mineral content.

3- If you want to change the fish aquarium water; Do not throw away the water; Because it is the best fertilizer for flowers.

4- Water in which you wash vegetables is the best water for pots.

· Feeding the pots:

As you know, plants need food in addition to water. For this purpose, you should feed the pot once every six times you water it; This period is shorter in summer and longer in winter.

· What to do if the plant dries out due to dehydration:

If your pot dries out due to travel, watering the pot will not be provided once. Because when you take the plant out of the pot, you see that not all parts of the soil are wet. So fill a container with water and place the pot in the water. By placing it in the water until halfway through the pot, the plant absorbs the water it needs through the roots.

·Do not worry about watering the flowers while traveling:

Method 1: Before traveling, allocate a large plastic pan or bathtub for the flowers. Spread a towel in the pan or bathtub and wet it thoroughly. Then place all the pots on a towel. With this, travel safely and do not worry about watering the flowers of Ethan.

Method 2: Fill a soda bottle with water and invert it into the soil so that the glass head goes into the soil. This way, your pot will use the water stored in the bottle for a while.

· Make a steamer for pots:

In winter, the pots need steam. For this purpose, put the steamer inside the greenhouse (without incense, of course), because steam is very suitable for the freshness of the pots, and in summer, the plants should be cool, so the pots should be placed where the wind is. The air conditioner will cool them.

. Sprinkler for flowers:

If you have the opportunity, always try to spray water on the soil. Also spray the leaves of the plants. It is very useful for the freshness of plants.

. Use ld pills for better flower growth:

Experience has shown that if you occasionally dissolve an ld tablet in water for each pot and give it to the pots, it will have a great effect on their growth.

· Cleaning the leaves of flowers:

1- You can use glycerin to clean and beautify the flowers. Pour a few drops of glycerin on a soft cloth. Then clean the flowers. Test the effect of glycerin on the leaves of the flowers.

2- Use an equal mixture of water and milk. Dip a soft cloth into the mixture of water and milk and clean the leaves.

· The distance between the pot and the plate below it:

As you know, if the pot is inside the plate and the water that comes out of the pot accumulates in the plate, it will destroy the plant roots. Because the water collects in the plate, it will destroy the plant roots. You need to put space between the pot and the plate. For this purpose, break the marble or white stone into small pieces. For each pot, place 3 pieces of stone in three directions so that the pot is on the stones.

·Cuttings of flowers:

You can use sand to cut flowers. Place the stem of the plant 2-3 cm in the sand and water it every day until it takes root. Transfer to the main pot after rooting. It is better to cover the cuttings with freezer plastic to take root sooner. If you want to put the cuttings in water, put a sugar cube in the water container to provide plant food.

· Storage of decorative flowers for several days:

To make decorative flowers last longer, put a sugar cube in the pot water to feed it.

· Cleaning pots:

If your crystal and ceramic pots are clogged, pour vinegar or concentrated salt water into the pot and wash the pot after a few hours and it will be completely clean.

· Eliminate earthworms:

If you see that the soil in your pot has worms, do this to remove the worms from the soil: Fill the pan half full with water. Then place the pot in the water so that it is half full of water. Leave it like this for half a day in spite of the water, because the worms can not breathe. They enter the water from the bottom of the pot. In this way, the worms are destroyed. You should pay attention to the distance between the bottom of the pot and the pan of water a few centimeters.

. Keeping Flowers Straight:

You know flowers always turn to light. To do this, turn the pot over every so often. In such a way that the flower is inclined towards the light. To straighten the flower, rotate the pot from time to time to eliminate the curvature.

. Using aspirin tablets for plant growth:

 You can dissolve 1 aspirin tablet in water and give it to the pots every once in a while. It is very suitable for plant growth.

·Extending the life of daffodils:

To prolong the life of daffodils. Press a barley into the stem of the daffodil and put it in water.

· To dry fern leaves and other leaves:

If you want to dry the beautiful leaves, choose a room that children will not enter. Spread one newspaper on the floor, fold the sheets over the newspaper, and place another sheet of newspaper on the sheets.

Then fold a blanket and place it on the newspaper and do not go to them for two weeks. After two weeks, you can collect the beautiful, dried leaves.

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