Crotons varieties guide care

 Crotons varieties guide care

Crotons varieties guide care

It is an evergreen plant of two or more years with wooden bases that normally grows up to 183 cm in the natural environment. Its maximum growth as a houseplant is between 60 to 120 cm. A high-density plant that produces abundant foliage. The glossy, smooth, edgy, and bright leaves of the crouton plant grow laterally, with bright colors including yellow, pink, orange, bronze, purple, and green with a combination of striped and fragmented patterns. The leaves are pointed and oval. The color of the leaves is distinct, appearing at different times.

A quick overview of Croton

Scientific name: Codiaeum Variegatum

Common name: Croton

Plant type: Evergreen / Apartment

Toxicity: It is toxic

Maintenance difficulty: Hard

In this article, we are going to discuss Crotons varieties guide care.

 Crotons varieties guide care

Crotons varieties guide care and irrigation of Croton plant

Grows well in humus soils with good moisture. The soil used must have adequate drainage. In order for the color of the leaves to be better, it needs a balanced light and it must receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day. In shady conditions it loses a number of its leaves. The most important point in watering the crouton plant: the need for areas with high humidity. To maintain the humidity of the surrounding environment, it is better to have an island under the pot so that some pebbles are poured into the pot and some water is poured into the container so that it does not reach the pot. This will provide moisture around the plant. . For watering plants, it is better to keep the soil moist at all times, but the soil should not be saturated.

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It does not need hibernation and it is better to reduce the amount of irrigation in autumn. If you use croutons in the apartment space, they should be placed next to well-lit windows. In the absence of such conditions, the plant growth lamp can be used. There are several types of growth bulbs, including metal halide bulbs, sodium high pressure bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and the latest growth bulbs, the LED for plant growth.

 Crotons varieties guide care

A number of its species are used as a green space plant in hot and humid areas, which is used for landscaping, creating a beautiful effect for the environment. In temperate regions, pots should be moved to a warm place before the temperature drops at night. If not transferred to warm places, it can be planted as an annual plant in temperate regions.

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Like other species of the family Aphorbiaceae, the sap of this plant can cause skin eczema. All parts of the plant are poisonous. Its venom contains a compound called 5-deoxygenol. Vegetation is an oil that is highly laxative and is suspected of causing cancer in very high concentrations. Consumption of its seeds can be fatal for children.

There is no particular problem in terms of pests or diseases for the croton plant. If environmental hygiene is not observed, spider mites may be active.

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