Everything about alkaline soil

Everything about alkaline soil

Everything about alkaline soil

Alkaline soil

Alkaline soil poses many problems for agriculture, horticulture or greenhouse projects.

Because it makes soil nutrients unabsorbable for plants. However, some plants are better adapted to alkaline soils. And have been developed specifically for growth and development in this type of soil. In this article we are going to talk about Everything about alkaline soil.

Therefore, people who are active in the field of growing all kinds of plants and plant products should know in which soil the plants they grow perform better.

Be familiar with methods for measuring soil acidity.

And in some cases, depending on the type of plant and their products, increase or decrease the acidity of the soil.

In soils that can no longer be modified, such as saline soils in hot and dry areas,

Instead of trying to change the acidity of the soil, it is better to use plants that are suitable for the soil conditions.

To prevent the soil from deteriorating

Here is everything about alkaline soil

What kind of soil is called alkaline soil?

Calcareous, alkaline or alkaline soils are all titles for soils with high pH.

Soil pH is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of the soil and indicates a number between 0 and 14.

For soil, this number does not approach the two thresholds of the index, ie two numbers 0 and 14, but is closer to the number 7.

If the soil pH is exactly 7 or at most half a unit greater or less than seven, the soil is neutral.

Otherwise, if the soil pH exceeds 7.5, the soil will be alkaline.

Everything about alkaline soil

Home methods for measuring soil pH

In addition to measuring soil pH in soil science laboratories, there are several home methods for detecting soil acidity.

Despite being less accurate than the lab, they are very popular.

These methods include the following:

Home kit or PH meter

The use of pH meters is the best and most accurate home method of determining soil acidity.

These devices, which are recently available in various models on the market,

They measure the thickness of the soil and anything else that is liquid or soluble with great precision.

Because they are small and portable, they have a lot of fans.

They also announce the result at the moment.

In addition, having these devices saves the cost of testing in soil science centers.

And in a way, working with them is more cost-effective.

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PH Identifier Papers

Working with these papers is very easy and cost-effective, and after pH meters, they are the most common way to determine soil pH at home.

When soaking these papers with the contents of a solution of distilled water and test soil.

After a few moments, they change color.

The pH of the soil can be estimated with good accuracy from the obtained color code.

The only thing that needs to be considered in their use is that it is better that the water used to make the soil solution is distilled water.

Because otherwise the water itself can have a different pH and make it difficult for a person to correctly identify the pH of the soil.

This also applies to the use of PH meters.

Everything about alkaline soil

Alkaline soil problems

Alkaline soils contain large amounts of sodium and calcium ions in the soil.

For this reason, alkaline soils, such as sodium soils, may also be called saline soils.

Sodium and calcium ions inhibit the absorption of nutrients by plants and cause problems in plant growth.

Also, high concentrations of these ions cause poisoning of plants.

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The color of alkaline soils darkens due to the dissolution of soil humus, and alkaline soils are poor in organic matter.

Soil structure and physical condition of this type of soil is also problematic and the soil suffers from erosion.

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