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 Have you ever heard about the money tree? (Pachira)

 Have you ever heard about the money tree? (Pachira)

Have you ever heard about the money tree? (Pachira)

What is Pachira or Money Tree:

It is also known as the plant of chance and is a hardy and compatible plant that has a tropical nature that is very easy to maintain at home. It can even be stored in low light environments. Some people believe that luck and money bring them, which is why it is known as the money tree.

The money tree is one of the most popular and ordered plants in Feng Shui, China, and brings positive energy to the home environment. Although this plant comes from the United States, it is currently very popular and special in Taiwan.

Reason for naming the money tree or Pachira:

The reason for naming this plant “Money Tree” is related to an old story in which a poor man prays to get rich and on the way, finds the plant of this strange plant, as a sign of good and holy He takes it home and after a while, he gets rich by selling plants that were grown by the seeds of that plant!

 Suitable light for Pachira flower:

It can be easily kept in the apartment. It needs moderate light and is suitable for brushing behind the north window.

 Have you ever heard about the money tree? (Pachira)

 Proper watering of Pachira flower:

It likes a humid environment, but you should not allow the soil to be constantly wet and waterlogged as it increases the risk of fungal diseases and rot. Between waterings, make sure the soil surface is dry. Do not pour water on the stems and leaves.

Suitable temperature of money tree:

The most suitable temperature for its growth is 16-25 degrees Celsius.

Suitable soil for Pachira flowers:

It needs light soil with high drainage so that water does not accumulate around the roots and does not cause rot and destruction of the plant.

The combination of peat moss and perlite or other light combinations is suitable for the brush.

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How to propagate Pachira flower or money tree and increase it:

It is added through seeds and cuttings of the stem that you tie the cuttings under two knots and place them in light soil, it is better to cut them in autumn.

Introduction of Pachira pests and disease and its treatment method:

Pachira may suffer from stem rot due to excessive irrigation and wetting of the plant trunk!

To prevent this, try not to wet the plant stem and be sure to pay attention to the amount of irrigation to have a healthy and healthy plant.

 Have you ever heard about the money tree? (Pachira)

Cause of yellowing of Pachira leaves:

Possible causes of yellowing of Pachira leaves are:

  • Excessive irrigation
  • Poor soil drainage and no excess water coming out of the pot
  • Water collects under the pot
  • Low temperature or small pot for roots and little space
  • Low and inappropriate light
  • Lack of nitrogen and nutrients in the soil
  • Improper soil ventilation
  • Pests in the soil
  • Dry air

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 Replacing a Pachira pot or money tree:

Pachira flower needs to be replaced late!

The best time to do this is when the plant is dormant, ie from late autumn to late winter. The reason is that the plant does not grow significantly in this season and is dormant, so it is easy to change the soil around the roots and pots do .

Be sure to prepare a pot with a size larger than the previous size for your plant.

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