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 How does light impact plant growth?

 How does light impact plant growth?

How does light impact plant growth?

The most important concept in determining the growth time of plants is a concept called the law of limiting factors that determines the condition of the plant.

Even hydroponics are not able to compensate for unfavorable conditions for plant growth (such as poor temperature, improper irrigation, lack of nutrients, problems caused by pests and diseases, and insufficient light). This article addresses the issue of How does light impact plant growth? we will pay.

Light is the most important variable affecting plant growth. If enough light does not reach the plant, the plant will not grow at its maximum growth rate or its maximum potential will not emerge, no matter what the other variables are – water, growth medium or fertilizer.

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Increase light, increase fruit

Light is the driving force of photosynthesis (the process by which a plant converts the sun’s light energy into chemical energy). During the process of photosynthesis, water is decomposed into two elements, oxygen and hydrogen, in a chemical reaction, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted to sugar.

As a general rule, for every one percent increase in light, plant growth will increase by the same amount, resulting in a one percent higher yield.

All plants need two elements of light and CO2 to perform photosynthesis. Having a suitable distance between the plants ensures that they receive enough light in the greenhouse space.

Tomato plants are pruned so that there are 2.7 to 3 plants per square meter of greenhouse space. Seedless cucumbers, with their larger leaves, need twice as much space as tomato plants. The distance between hydroponic lettuce also varies from 2.5 cm2 for seedless lettuce in the initial growth stage to 15 cm2 in the final growth stage.

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Maintaining optimal plant growth at lower exposure conditions (especially in areas with lower light intensity and limited daylight hours) requires more effort.

So far, sunlight has been the cheapest option for SA farmers, which should be used with the greatest intensity and the least possible shade.

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