How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden

 How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden

 How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden

It is true that ornamental asparagus is not as popular as plants such as censoria, but thanks to its bright and plump leaves, it is a very attractive plant and can open its place well among other houseplants. Ornamental asparagus is a plant native to South Africa. There are several names for this species of asparagus; Such as Springer Asparagus, Ornamental Asparagus, Asparagus Fern, Asparagus Grass, Fox Tail Fern or Dill Fern. Although the word fern is found in the names mentioned, in fact, ornamental asparagus has nothing to do with real ferns, and the apparent similarity has inadvertently added the word fern to the name of this plant. Asparagus has many positive properties, including easy maintenance, but you must remember one vital point about it, and that is that ornamental asparagus (asparagus fern) is toxic to children and pets. All in all, considering the characteristics of ornamental asparagus, if you are looking for a plant with easy and painless maintenance for your home, do not doubt that ornamental asparagus is the right choice for you. If you have chosen this plant for your home or you are going to buy it, join us to learn more and learn how to care for and store asparagus plant in your garden, and do not miss to read more.

General characteristics of ornamental asparagus

Common name: Ornamental asparagus, asparagus fern

Plant type: annual, apartment

Lighting needs: Indirect lighting (indoors), partial lighting (outdoors)

Soil type: pot soil with excellent drainage

Soil pH: 6.5 to 6.8

Flowering date: summer

Flower color: white; Of course, the flowers are very small

Native: South Africa

Toxic: Toxic to children, cats and dogs.

 How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden

How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden

How to store ornamental asparagus

If you live in a hot climate, you can keep asparagus outdoors as a perennial, but in other areas, asparagus will be an annual plant, so if you live in a hot climate, move. Proper placement of asparagus inside the house. You can even plant marjoram in a pot and put it outside in the warm seasons and easily move the plant inside before the cold.\

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Light needed to maintain ornamental asparagus

Asparagus will grow well in adequate but indirect sunlight; Because this plant in its original nature receives light as filtered and after passing through the foliage of plants. So to have a healthy asparagus, it is better to restore the same natural habit for it. For this purpose, one layer of curtain is enough to allow light to reach the plant with less intensity.

 How to care, and store asparagus plant in your garden


If you want to keep ornamental asparagus in a pot, plant it in a pot with porous soil and proper drainage. If you are planning to plant this plant in the garden, keep in mind that the soil of this plant should be rich, well drained and slightly acidic. In general, ornamental asparagus is not very strict about its soil and can tolerate soils that are not very ideal, but the conditions should not remain unfavorable for a long time.

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If the soil you use or plan to use to store ornamental asparagus is too heavy and dense, you can adjust it by adding some peat moss. This enhances drainage and prevents the plant from rotting due to water accumulation.

Remember that in general, keeping houseplants in drainage pots is not limited to soil; The pot should also have several holes in its bottom surface so that the soil can drain excess water quickly. As a result, in addition to providing well-drained soil, it is best to make sure that the holes under the pot are sufficient, and if the holes are small, make a few holes under the pot.

The amount of water and moisture required for ornamental asparagus during storage

Asparagus is always a thirsty plant! That is, it needs more irrigation than other plants. In addition to water, this plant also needs moisture. Therefore, you should be more careful about the water and moisture of this plant.

Since the interior of the house is generally dry, especially in winter, and in fact the use of heating and cooling devices cause this dryness, spray the asparagus every day to provide the required moisture.

Suitable temperature for storing ornamental asparagus

Try to keep the temperature of the ornamental asparagus in a constant temperature (about 20 ° C) and do not let it fall below 12 ° C for a long time. If you have an almost dark porch or greenhouse in your house, it is better to move your houseplants there. Plant growth in these environments (especially in summer) will reach its maximum.

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