How to care bonsai tree about falling leaves

How to care bonsai tree about falling leaves

How to care bonsai tree about falling leaves

Here we introduce you to the cause of falling bonsai leaves so that you can take care of this beautiful plant in the best condition and always have its beauty :. In the following we will answer the question How to care bonsai tree about falling leaves

How to care bonsai tree about falling leaves

Cause of deciduous bonsai apartment

If the bonsai soil is heavy and retains water, excessive irrigation will cause the bonsai leaves to fall off.

This causes root rot and the plant’s leaves gradually fall off. Water the plant only when the soil is slightly dry, and if you have this problem, when the plant is better, replace the pot with more suitable soil.

Low irrigation is also a very common reason. Bonsai is placed in a small container and you may forget to water it. As a result, the root of the plant dies and leaves. Excessive watering for a long time weakens the plant, but low watering kills its roots and leaves fall off in a few days.

Another common cause is poor lighting. All buildings, even apartment buildings, need a lot of light.

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The cause of outdoor bonsai leaves

Outdoor bonsai should be outside the building all year round. Red sage elm and mountain cypress are two common breeds of outdoor bonsai. The leaves of the red elm are evergreen, while the bonsai cypress has deciduous leaves during the fall and winter, and almost half of the leaves fall off. If your plant has a fall problem, not because of the fall and winter, you should consider the following:

Just like the Bonsai leafing of an apartment, one of the reasons for the leafing of the open-air Bonsai is the heavy irrigation. Excessive watering when the soil is mixed and retains a lot of water, damages the roots and causes them to rot. Root rot also causes Bonsai leaves to fall off after a while. So be careful when watering Ben Sai when the plant needs water and the soil is almost dry.

Another common reason is to have pests such as aphids and worms, in which case you will notice by looking at the plant.

Finally, too much or too little fertilizer will cause the plant to lose its vigor and, as a result, shed its leaves.

Finally, it is better to get acquainted with the seasonal care of this plant to take the best care of it.


A key step in the fall is to prepare the plants for winter by adjusting their nutrition with fertilizers. Deciduous species show their greatest color in mid-autumn. After the leaves fall, the plant can be pruned. Preparation should be done and Bonsai plants that are open space should be protected from unwanted frost.


When the winter temperature drops sharply (below freezing), outdoor bonsai plants need to be protected, which can be moved indoors and stored at less than 5 ° C. Fertilization should be stopped during dormancy. Water should be used when needed and in small amounts. Deciduous plants are best pruned in the winter, when they have lost all their leaves. Plants should also be cleaned this season.

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The leaves grow a lot in early summer. Therefore, germination and pruning are necessary to control growth. Irrigation is important in late summer, when the weather is very hot, but the hot and humid conditions expose the plant to fungal diseases.


Outdoor bonsai plants should be transplanted again after the cold has been eliminated. Plants start growing when they are reactivated. Irrigation should be increased carefully. As spring progresses, the growth rate increases and some pruning may be needed to prevent overgrowth. If the plant is to flower, it must be pruned before new shoots emerge.

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