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How to care for Polka dot plant?

How to care for Polka dot plant?

How to care for Polka dot plant?

Polka dot plant is a suitable plant for the apartment and grows easily in the home. This plant can be planted in combination with other plants in a pot or in terrariums (glass pots that are very suitable for moisture-loving plants) of this plant along with green leafy plants to give a beautiful appearance to the terrarium. Of course, maintaining a Polka dot plant at home is not an easy task and requires a lot of attention and care. If you are also interested in maintaining Polka dot plant, join us to get acquainted with the maintenance conditions of Polka dot plant, such as Polka dot plant pruning, irrigation, humidity, and so on. In this article we are going to provide tips to care for Polka dot plant.

Let’s get acquainted to care for Polka dot plant

The scientific name is Hypoestes sanguinolenta. Polka dot plant belongs to the family Acanthaceae and is native to Madagascar. This plant produces small flowers that are overshadowed by the beautiful color of the leaves. In general, it can be said that Polka dot plant is grown because of the beautiful color of its leaves and not its flowers. Polka dot plant reaches a height of 40 cm and is sometimes used as a cover plant for the soil surface of the pot. Polka dot plant Pink is one of the most popular types of Polka dot plant, but white and red varieties can also be found. In the following, we will get acquainted with the maintenance conditions of Polka dot plant.

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Storage conditions of Polka dot plant

the light

Direct light can damage the leaves of this plant. Polka dot plant generally needs a lot of indirect light. Plants with colored leaves usually need a lot of light, and the lack of light causes the pink and colored spots on the leaves to disappear and the leaves to turn green.

How to care for Polka dot plant?


The right temperature for this plant is very important and the best temperature for this plant is between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature should not fall below 13 degrees Celsius and the cold will lead to the disappearance of spots on the leaves and eventually the whole plant.

watering systems

Use chlorine-free water for irrigation and irrigate when the soil surface is completely dry. Dip your finger into the soil to the first point and if it is dry and the soil does not stick to your hands, start watering.


This plant loves high humidity. There are different ways to supply moisture to this plant, you can choose one of them:

Spray 2 times a week

Place a container of water next to the plant pot

Or choose a large pot under the pot and fill it with pebbles and fill it halfway with water and then place the pot on the rocks so that the bottom of the pot is not in contact with the water under the pot. The so-called island construction method.


The best soil for Polka dot plant is Dutch soil or compost. Soil drainage should be high to allow water to pass through easily.


For better growth, you can fertilize once every two weeks during the growing seasons. It is better to use weak liquid fertilizers for this purpose and if the concentration of fertilizer elements is high, give it to the plant thinner than the amount mentioned on the package.

Pruning Polka dot plant

From time to time, prune the branches to prevent the plant from becoming herbaceous. This will make the plant fuller from below. Do not throw away the cut branches. You can replant the same branches and increase the number of Polka dot plants this way.

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Pot replacement

The best time to change the pot is when the roots of the plant protrude from the soil or the bottom of the pot. Early replacement of the pot will stop the plant from growing. When changing the pot, be sure to use healthy, sterilized soil.

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