How to care wax plant?

 How to care wax plant?

How to care wax plant? There are many types of begonia flowers and one of the most popular is Wax Begonia. The Begonia Wax is a hardy plant and is also very popular because it is always in bloom.

This plant is known as begonia wax due to its thick and shiny leaves. The begonia flower is a perennial flowering plant that has red stems, shiny, leathery leaves, and produces pink, white, or red flowers. To maintain begonia flowers, your wax must have light. It is usually used as a houseplant, but in areas with temperate climates it can be kept outdoors in spring and summer. In this article we are going to tell you How to care wax plant.

How to care wax plant

Suitable light for the Begonia Wax flower:

The most important factor in keeping the Begonia Wax flower is light, the environment needs to be completely bright and a few hours of soft light is useful for it.

If the begonia flower does not flower, it is either due to lack of light or lack of nutrients, which in the absence of sufficient light, flowering will stop and the plant will grow grassy.

Remember that if exposed to direct light, especially on hot days, the leaves will burn.

 How to care wax plant?

Watering the Begonia Wax flower:

Begonia flower likes almost moist soil, but this does not mean that you always keep the soil wet and waterlogged, because in this case the leaves turn yellow and plastic, it is also better not to water the leaves to avoid fungal diseases. .

The best time for irrigation is after the soil surface dries.

The plant is moisture-friendly, it is recommended to use a container of water and pebbles under the pot to provide moisture, so that the pot is on the stone and the shoes are not in contact with water.

18-25 degrees is the best temperature to store it, at higher temperatures be careful not to dry it and also do not put it at a temperature below 15 degrees.

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Suitable soil for begonia flowers:

The more soil drainage, the better the plant will grow, so it is best to use light soils such as a combination of perlite and leaf soil and peat moss.

Suitable fertilizer for Begonia Wax flowers:

Every flowering plant, in addition to light, needs enough nutrients for flowering, so in addition to providing enough light, fertilization must be done on time, high-phosphorus fertilizer such as formula 10-20-10 once every two weeks. The pen inside the food is also great for it. Powder the pen and pour the flower base to give flowers.

 How to care wax plant?

Pruning Begonia Wax Flowers:

Always remove dried flowers, yellow and dead leaves, blackened branches from the plant. In this case, your flower will be fresh and ventilated and the energy of the plant will be spent on flowering and beauty.

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