How to clean plant leaves?

How to clean plant leaves?

How to clean plant leaves?

 Have you ever cleaned the leaves of your plants?

It is better to do this because not cleaning the plant will hinder its growth. In this section we will teach you how to clean the leaves of your houseplants and to have a beautiful indoor garden and the colors that you have always wanted.

Is it important to clean the leaves of houseplants?

Yes . Keeping the leaves clean helps them to breathe. Dust or airborne contaminants accumulate on the leaves and dramatically reduce the amount of light the plant receives. As you know, less light means less chlorophyll, which in turn causes plant disease, so clean houseplants that do not receive enough rainwater; It is very important.

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Methods of cleaning plant leaves

1. Water as raw material to clean plant leaves

Of course, knowing that water is a good source for cleaning plants does not require expertise and we all know. You can put the plant under water and wash it gently with mild water. By doing this, the plant can receive gentle drops that do not damage the leaves, instead of the strong flow of water. You can also do this with a hose or spray. If the plant is very dirty, you can mix a little shower gel and a liter of water to clean the leaves.

2. Natural shine to clean plant leaves

Using a natural conditioner is effective, except for plants that have small leaves and hairs. Avoid using these herbs. You can also use a sponge, soap and water and gently rub it on the leaves. You can also use olive oil to brighten your plants.

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3. Clean the plants with a toothbrush to clean plant leaves

You can use a toothbrush to clean velvet plants with fine hair. It is not hard work; Take an old toothbrush and then hold the leaves in your hands and gently clean them. Start at the bottom and gently brush to the tip of the leaf. Remember to wash the toothbrush each time you use it and dry it before the next use. Another object that can be used to clean plants are soft brushes. You can also use the plant’s own leaves to help clean other leaves.

4. Banana peel to clean plant leaves to clean plant leaves

The leaves of ornamental plants at home will be very clean with banana peel, just like milk, you will see amazing changes in the appearance of the plant and the radiance and growth of the plant.

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