How to design a Mediterranean style

 How to design a Mediterranean style

How to design a Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean-style landscaping-design, most popular in the coastal areas of Greece, Italy and France, has been influenced by the Mediterranean landscape in various parts of the world. Soft, patterned tiles, cut hedges, and sandy paths are inspiring for the design of Mediterranean, drought-tolerant plants. In this article we want to know how to design a Mediterranean garden. Stay with us

Modern landscaping is imbued with a variety of design methods. One of the most complex and popular modes is the Mediterranean style. This is a desirable combination with a unique combination of different species of herbaceous flowering, shrubs and perennial trees. This article describes in detail the distinctive features of the Mediterranean garden in landscape art, as well as all the subtleties of its design.

Distinctive features of the Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean garden is quite versatile: it combines different elements of ancient Greek or Roman culture as well as modern decor details. At the same time, there is no prediction for any summer cottage: all the elements should have their own personal place, but they should be an integral combination.

do you know? Modern principles of landscaping design were formed in the first half of the twentieth century in England and Germany. The main purpose of this art was to make the landscapes of large industrial centers noble and beautiful, which are covered with dense concrete buildings.

 How to design a Mediterranean style

The natural landscape in this style is a yard or a small yard and the distinguishing feature of design a Mediterranean garden is as follows:

Compact space enclosed by a fence;

A variety of plants common in the Mediterranean climate;

Not all load design elements have complex meanings.

A mixture of soil with large and small rocks as well as pebbles.

Balcony or bench as well as a small body of water;

Stylized elements in the decor of the ancient Greek or Roman style;

Harmony between plants and artificial things;

Canopy as a basic element of landscaping;

Dominate white, cream, blue, reddish and yellow shades in the color scheme.

 How to design a Mediterranean style

Site selection and requirements

The Mediterranean region is full of rocks, so this style is a real discovery for landowners located in a mountainous area. Here, more success is in re-creating the landscape without resorting to any complicated agricultural methods.

If the area is located on a plain, it is necessary to create artificial heights. To do this, the area must be divided into separate areas using stairs, stone walls, stepped slopes or hedges.

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What is planted in the Mediterranean garden

As mentioned above, the best base for a Mediterranean garden is a variety of subtropical plants. It should be based on a variety of flowering plants that are planted in large or fixed hinged containers, and the species should be found in open ground. In this case, you have to follow the principle that one or one digit prevails over the others.

Paths of sand, gravel and paving

Another major element associated with Mediterranean-style landscaping is the sand and floor paths. In the Mediterranean, property owners have long used very little water for their plants. Likewise, they have replaced green drought-friendly options.

 How to design a Mediterranean style

Construction of a fountain in Mediterranean style landscaping

Are you planning to choose an ornamental waterfall, a custom fountain, a water wall or a full-scale pool? Water features are essential for cooling the hot summer air in Mediterranean-style landscaping. Relaxing sounds and rapid water radiance bring a pleasant element to any backyard.

Mediterranean-style landscaping plants

One of the interesting attractions for Mediterranean-style landscaping in the Middle East is the beautiful, drought-resistant plants. Think of their beauty agave. Jasmine plants with fragrant and white flowers. Or, yucca plants with large leaves and creamy white flowers of closed hedges not only beautify the yard, but also add to the architectural framework of your garden. There are some common hedges in Mediterranean style landscaping design. This evergreen and versatile plant offers height and an element of impressive talent to your garden.

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