How to get rid of Fungus Gnat naturally [5 easy steps]

How to eliminate the Fungus Gnat

Extinction of Fungus Gnat is an important concern for plant lovers. Plant pests come in many forms, including the Black Gnat. To get rid of Fungus Gnat naturally, you need to know the damage and living environment of this creature.

Black Gnat needs a humid environment to live. So if you are determined to kill Fungus Gnat, do not keep the environment and the soil of the pot too wet. In the following, we want to help you eliminate Fungus Gnat, especially Black Gnat. So join us!

What is Fungus Gnat and how do they damage plants?

This insect is also known as Fungus Gnat and lives in high humidity and mostly in substrates such as peat moss and rotted manure. This pest is usually seen when the number of them in the environment is very high.

The whole insect of this type of Gnat does not harm the plant and it is the babies of this insect that destroy the plant. They are seen in the form of very small light-colored worms in the soil. These insects feed on plant roots and plant dead matter in the soil. After a while, they can cause the plant to dry out and die.

How to eliminate the Fungus Gnat

What is the appearance of Fungus Gnat?

The adult insect appears grayish-black and bears a strong resemblance to house gnats. The body length of these insects is about 0.3 cm.
These insects are most often seen when watering around pots and beds. Black Gnat usually lives in humid places and lays eggs in moist soil.
These insects feed on the roots and stems, especially the roots and stems of freshly grown plants.

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5 ways to get rid of Fungus Gnat naturally

1-Disinfect the soil to kill Fungus Gnat

To disinfect your soil, you must first moisten it and place it in black or clear plastic. Then place in a sunny place for 4 to 6 weeks. The thickness of your soil should not be more than 20 cm.

2-Quarantine plants

Quarantine newly purchased plants for a few days before entering the house.

3-Use sand to stop female from laying eggs

This insect usually lays eggs half a centimeter deep in the soil. You can pour about one centimeter of sand on the bottom of the pot.
Because the sand dries quickly, the female thinks the soil is dry and does not lay eggs.

How to eliminate the Fungus Gnat

4-hydrogen peroxide

Oxygenated water can be used in combination with 1: 4 water (ie mix one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with four parts water). Then irrigate your contaminated culture medium with this solution.

5-No over-irrigation

These insects spawn the most in humid environments. So never over-water to kill Fungus Gnat. Try to choose a pot that has good drainage.
Before planting the plant in the bottom of your pot, you can first put pebbles or mineral pumice and then pour soil on it. This will make it easier for water to escape from the bottom of the pot.
Also, avoid materials such as moss in your pot that cause water to accumulate. This will help you to get rid of Fungus Gnat.

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