How to grow plants from seed

How to grow plants from seed

How to grow plants from seed

Do you want to learn how to grow plants from seed, step by step? To save money, you might wish to cultivate plants from seeds. It is unquestionably less expensive than purchasing plants. Growing plants from seed to maturity is one of the most gratifying aspects of gardening. If you want to know how to grow plants from seed, step by step read on!

Learn how to grow plants from seed, step by step

1.      Pick a container.

So, how to grow plants from seed, step by step? The first step is choosing a container. Clean seed-starting containers with drainage holes should be at least 2-3 inches deep and clean. The possibilities are unlimited as long as they’re clean (soak for 10 minutes in a mixture of 9 parts water to 1 part household bleach).

How to grow plants from seed

2.      Begin with good soil.

Seeds should be planted in sterile seed-starting mix or potting soil, which may be found at nurseries and garden shops. Garden soil is excessively thick, contains weed seeds, and may have disease organisms, therefore don’t use it. Before filling seed-starting pots, wet the soil with warm water.

3.      Plant the seeds at the correct depth.

On the seed packaging, you’ll see the recommended planting depth. Cover seeds with soil three times their thickness as a general rule of thumb, but be sure to read the seed packaging planting directions carefully.

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4.      Water carefully

Always use water that is at normal temperature. Allow chlorinated water to rest overnight to remove chlorine, or use pure water. Softened water should not be used. It’s critical to maintain the soil constantly wet, but not soggy, since this encourages illnesses that can harm seedlings. Avoid splashing water on the leaves. Dip the bottom of your pots in water and let the soil to absorb moisture from the bottom until wet. This is a simple technique to avoid this, as well as overwatering. A wicking pad that transports water from a reservoir to dry soil is included in some seed-starting kits.

How to grow plants from seed

5.      Keep consistent moisture.

Cover your container before germination to help keep moisture in. A plastic cover is usually included with seed-starting kits. A plastic bag can also be used, but it must be supported so that it does not rest flat on the soil. As soon as the seeds sprout, remove the coverings. Reduce watering until seedlings have grown to the point where the soil is partly dry, but not wilted.

6.      Maintain soil warm

Warm soil is required for seed germination. In soils that are too cold, they germinate slowly or not at all. At 78°F, most seeds will germinate. Waterproof heating mats, particularly developed for germinating seeds, maintain a consistent temperature in the soil.

7.      Fertilize the soil.

Apply a half-strength liquid fertilizer weekly to your seedlings once they grow their second set of true leaves. It should be applied softly so that seedlings do not become dislodged from the soil. Apply full-strength liquid fertilizer every other week until transplanting after four weeks.

8.      Provide ample light for seedlings.

When there isn’t enough light, seedlings become leggy and tall, and they struggle after they’re transferred outside. Stocky seedlings can be grown in a sunny south-facing window in moderate winter climates. Even a south-facing window farther north may not give enough light, especially in the dead of winter.

How to grow plants from seed

9.      Circulating air

Circulating air aids in disease prevention and promotes the formation of robust stems. To produce air flow, place a moderate fan near the seedlings. To prevent blasting the seedlings directly, keep the fan a safe distance away.

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10. Before transferring seedlings outside, harden them off.

Seedlings must be acclimatized to their new, harsher environment before being moved outdoors. Hardening off is the term for this process.

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