How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad?

How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad?

How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad?

Do you know how to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad? Roly-poly bugs emerge from their winter hibernation when the temperature warms. The warm weather is ideal for them to begin reproducing, resulting in even more bugs. You’ve definitely come across a family of pill bugs if you’ve been working in your yard, garage, or basement and encountered a pile of creepy-crawlies like the bug-slurping scene from “The Lion King.”

They aren’t insects at all

They aren’t insects at all, despite the fact that they are called bugs. Pill bugs and its cousins, the sowbug, are crustaceans that live on land and are more akin to a lobster than an ant. They feature seven pairs of legs and two jointed antennae and are purplish-gray in color. The way pill bugs coil up into a ball when frightened or disturbed has earned them the moniker “roly-poly.”


How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad? Roly Polys may live for several years and produce three broods per year with between 25 to 200 offspring every event, thus they proliferate quickly. Thousands of creepy crawly tiny creatures, no matter how cute and entertaining to play with, are unpleasant.

Not good for soil

How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad? They are not good for soil. They multiply very close to, and occasionally inside, a home because they enjoy the region where the garden meets the foundation because moisture and dead plant debris nourishes them.

Strong Roots and soil

How to get rid of pill bugs? Healthy soil and a healthy root system are essential for organic insect management. We utilize Orca mycorrhizae, compost, compost teas, organic materials, excellent bacteria, effective irrigation, and compost teas. Pill Bugs won’t require your plants as a food source if your soil has adequate organic matter and moisture. Additionally, thick cell walls in your plant’s roots make the plants less sensitive to pill bugs. Pill bugs are also more susceptible to young plants.

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Pill Bug and Roly Poly Bug Beer Trap

How to get rid of pill bugs? Any beer will suffice. Pill bugs aren’t fussy about what they eat. Put beer in an old can or plastic cup and bury it in the earth, making sure the container’s mouth is level with the dirt. Pill bugs will suffocate if they drink enough alcohol. The trap should be examined every day and replaced every two days at the absolute least.

How to identify Pill Bugs are good or bad?

Traps made with potatoes or other fruits or vegetables

How to get rid of pill bugs? Cut potatoes can be placed along the borders and the bottom examined for pill bugs each morning. I propose brushing them into a small bottle of oil to destroy them. Grapefruit or orange rinds, mango peel, and a variety of other moist fruits and vegetables are also wonderful choices.

Traps made of bamboo, PVC, or toilet paper

How to get rid of pill bugs? A few inches of any tube, split in half lengthwise Then, with the bottom side facing up, lay duct tape on the dirt along an edge where pill bugs will become attached to the tape while seeking for a damp, dark spot to hide. Because moisture from watering reduces the adhesion of duct tape, this trap should be examined frequently. Other types of tape or sticky traps can catch more at once and remain longer.

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Removing mulch

Pill bugs thrive and reproduce in mulched areas. Mulch is consumed and used as a shelter by decomposers. They will be driven into traps if you remove the mulch since they are always looking for moisture and darkness. Pill bugs will feed on rotting plant material in your yard, so getting rid of it as soon as possible will push them into the traps.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a harmless technique to destroy pill bugs by desiccating or drying them out. Diatomaceous earth should be spread at the margins of your planting beds, where pill bugs like to dwell. Unfortunately, it also kills ants and other insects, thus it may be detrimental to ladybugs and other helpful insects while being harmless to worms. Diatomaceous earth, believe it or not, is edible, and many people find it to be helpful to their health and well-being.

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