How to Improve Soil Quality Naturally

ways to improve soil quality naturally

Flowers are beautiful and harmless creatures that should be given a lot of attention because of their special delicacy. Now, if the plants and flowers you are caring for are houseplants, the need for special care and attention to them is doubled.

The soil quality in the pot is like the heart of the plant. So that if this soil does not provide the needs of the plant or flower for better growth, over time the plant withers and the color of its leaves and petals changes.

If the necessary care of our plant and flower is not done well, we will have to go to improve soil quality in pot and provide the needs of the plant.

Each plant or flower has its own storage conditions and according to its type, requires its own light and watering conditions. In this article we are going to talk about how to improve soil quality in pot.

7 ways to improve soil quality naturally

1: Important points in soil selection

In the first step, we must know the type of plant and its storage conditions, and then proceed to purchase that plant. For example, we need to know the timing of direct sunlight at the place where we are going to place the plant.

But you may be one of those people who pays a lot of attention to details when buying your plant and assesses the conditions of your home or workplace.

And then you make a purchase, but still your plant has changed over time that worries you about its health. And in most cases, by changing or making a series of tips and changes, you can restore the health of your plant.

Strengthening a plant that is withering is done in both chemical and natural ways. The chemical way, as you know, is different types of fertilizers for plants. But there are a number of natural and home tips and tricks that can be followed to keep your plant fresh again.

2: Adequate light is important to improve soil quality

Adequate light is one of the most vital things to improve soil quality naturally. Most plants are light-loving and need to absorb more sunlight during the day.

Among these plants are flowers and plants that have more green leaves. These plants need more sunlight because they have more greenery. So before placing the desired plant in front of the window, know its type.

Also, if you have delicate flowers or plants, put them in front of a window for a shorter time in the summer when the light intensity is much higher Or let the indirect light shine on them so that they do not wither.

How to improve soil quality

Also, as plants grow in direct sunlight, It is not bad to turn the pot from time to time so that the plant grows upwards and becomes more beautiful.

3: Suitable water

In addition to getting enough light, every plant needs good water. The first thing you probably know yourself is that you should never use purified water. Because this water has lost all the essential minerals needed by the plant.

The second is the amount of water you give the plant. Plants are more thirsty in summer and need more water. Unlike winter, of course, this does not apply to all plants. For example, violations can be called cacti.

Another important point is the type of soil you use for the plant. You may have noticed that as soon as you water the plant, the water goes down quickly and the soil dries out.

To solve this problem, choose a small and suitable sponge with the size of your pot. Wet it and put it on the bottom of the pot and then pour the soil on it.

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ways to improve soil quality naturally


Using Oysters are one of the best way to improve soil quality naturally. If there is a sea or a beach in your area, go there and collect as many hundreds as you can and bring them home.

Eat the oysters and mix in the potting soil. Oysters are great for improving your potting soil because of their high calcium carbonate content.

5: Eggshell

Egg shells are also rich in calcium, which is very good for strengthening potting soil.

6: Ash

Ash, a highly alkaline substance rich in potassium and calcium, is suitable for soils that have become acidic. Also, the potassium and calcium in it cause the plant to bloom.

7: peel of banana

Banana peel is another easy ingredient that you can use to improve soil quality. Peel a banana, grate it and put it in the sun to dry. And there is no trace of banana skin softness left in them. Then you can eat the dried banana peel in the soil in the same size or smaller size by eating them.

Calcium, phosphorus and potassium are important elements for soil and plants that are present in banana peel and are excellent for strengthening potting soil.

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