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 How to maintain and prune bonsai

A bonsai tree must be pruned on a regular basis to preserve its size and shape. Maintenance pruning, which maintains the tree small and fosters new growth, and structural or aesthetic pruning, which forms the tree and may be an art in and of itself, are the two types of pruning. If you want to know how to maintain and prune bonsai, read on.

Required light and temperature

Photosynthesis is powered by the sun’s energy. A tree will grow bigger leaves to take in more light in a darker area. Smaller leaves require less surface area and require more light.

Pruning method Bensai


It’s a natural tendency for your tree to grow higher. Pruning your tree keeps it short and promotes thicker foliage, creating a small canopy impression.

Pruning for upkeep

Maintenance Pruning entails clipping tiny twigs and branches to keep your tree’s form. Because the majority of new growth will cluster towards the top of the plant, trimming runaway sections drives your tree to create dense growth closer to the plant’s base.

Coniferous Bonsai Maintenance Pruning

While twig or branch cutting shears are recommended for deciduous trees, coniferous bonsai are more delicate. Instead of using shears, consider squeezing the stem off with your fingers.

When Should You Do Maintenance Pruning?

Throughout the growth season is the optimum time to maintain prune. This season typically lasts from early spring through late October. 1

After new growth has established, defoliate deciduous trees.

Defoliation fosters the growth of smaller, more visually attractive leaves by removing old, lengthy leaves. Remove each leaf from the base, leaving the stem alone. In their place, new, smaller leaves will sprout. This is a dangerous approach since defoliating at the incorrect time of year may result in the tree never recovering.

Wound paste should be applied to the cuts.

Apply bonsai wound paste to the bruising to prevent too much sap from oozing out and to aid in the healing of the incisions. Squeeze a little quantity of cream onto your gloved finger and apply a thin coating over each wound.

Tools Required

Most young plants can be pruned with a simple pair of scissors, but if you want to make clean cuts that don’t harm the appearance of your plant, you’ll need to invest in a few professional pruning tools. Artisans have worked hard to develop tools that make shaping your plant easier and more beautiful. Make use of that knowledge. It is more expensive up front, but it will make the work easier and your plant will look much better in the end.

Making the Final Cut

Are you ready to grab those pruners? Here’s how to go about it. Make sure your tools are sharp and clean before you begin. There’s less possibility of damaging the tree or making a bad cut this way. Even if it’s tempting, never pinch fresh growth with your fingertips. Always use a sharp, clean implement, such as scissors or trimming shears. You should avoid making a flush concave incision since they seldom heal nicely. Instead, the initial step is to remove the majority of the branch off your path.

How to Make a Wire Shape

Wiring is used to improve the tree’s lines and form. If a branch is developing at an odd angle or the trunk is bending in an unfavorable way, wiring can help. Because older branches contain more heartwood than younger branches, they are more difficult to manage and shape. Younger wood is considerably simpler to deal with. Raffia is very useful for wiring older branches since it gives additional support.

Live Dwarf Bonsai Tree 6″-7″ Tall

Live Dwarf Bonsai Tree 6″-7″ Tall ,100% HOME-GROWN: We took the time and effort to carefully develop our bonsai plants. We handle them with care, cutting them to get the ideal design. With bonsai pot, the bonsai tree stands 6″-7″ tall (size may varies). LIVING ART: Symbolizes meditation, harmony, tranquility, and balance. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: They enjoy sunlight and fresh air (window with direct sunlight or patio), and they want wet soil at all times.

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