How to make wall garden?

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Nowadays, making wall gardens has become a common and popular job and most interior designers and many plant lovers are making wall gardens. These days, despite today’s architecture, which has little space for people is very important and significant; Because these gardens do not take up much space and actually fill the wasted air space.

Vertical gardens can be implemented in different shapes and sizes. Implementing this model of gardens does not require strange skills or tools, you just need to be a little patient and patient.

Of course, you can go for ready-made samples, but of course you have to spend more money, and it is definitely more attractive and enjoyable to have a wall garden that you make yourself. Therefore, in the article we will accompany you in 5 steps by teaching you how to make a wall garden.

Things you will need to make a potted garden

  • Scissor
  • Electric drill
  • Stapler
  • Shoes, hanging socks, hanging bags for plants or deep wall shelves
  • Plastic vase
  • Potting soil
  • Wall hook
  • And of course the plants you want

Steps to make a wall garden

  1. Choose the right place to put a wall garden

     In the first step and before you start building a wall garden, you should see where you want to place this wall garden in your home or workplace. The wall you choose should support the weight of your plants. Depending on your needs, you will need to hang one or more plants from this wall, each with a pot and soil. So they will not be too light. In addition, the place you choose should have natural conditions for the care of your plant. Things like adequate light, the right temperature, and protection from wind or cold are things to look out for.

  1. 2. Insulation

     In the second stage of building a wall garden, you have to do the sealing operation. For example, if you are going to use a fabric sock, cover the place where you are going to stick it with plastic and then install the sock on it, or if you are going to use a shoe rack as a garden, seal the shoe rack and the wall yourself, in total Seal what is to be used as a garden and make sure that excess water does not pass through it, as this excess water can damage your back wall or floor. Insulate each part with good quality plastic to make sure there is no way out.

  1. Choose the right plant to build a wall garden

     Choosing the right plant to make a wall garden is one of the most important factors in your success. Ideally, to build a wall garden, you should choose plants that have almost the same storage conditions. That is, they want the same amount of light, the same irrigation, and a reasonable ambient temperature for all of them. For example, you should not place plants such as cacti and succulents that like a dry, well-lit environment next to moisture-loving plants such as ferns and orchids. You should also choose plants that like your chosen location, in other words, if your vertical garden is in a place with low light and shade, then choose a plant that likes these conditions, otherwise it will not survive.

     It should be noted that hanging plants such as Pothos, Philodendron and Ivy is usually more successful and sensible. These plants have long, drooping stems that can cover their background and prevent your shoe area from being seen, for example.

  1. Preparation of plants

     There is no automatic irrigation system in this wall garden that you are going to build. So it would be great if you could take the plants out for irrigation and put them back in the garden. This will not damage the wall and your garden will have a longer life.

    If you plan to do this, just transfer each plant to a light plastic pot. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Also, water the pots before placing them in any part of the wall garden and allow the extra water to drain out. Excess water is important, so if you move the pot to the garden immediately, the excess water will collect in each section, and since you have already insulated it, you will have a lake of water in each section.

  1. Assembling the wall garden and completing the wall garden construction project

When you have prepared your pots and watered them, the last step in building a wall garden is the time to assemble the vertical garden. To do this, first hold the garden by hand on the wall to make sure there is enough space and then mark the right place to install it. Then, with the help of an electric drill, install a strong hook where you marked it.

Once you are sure that the hook is strong and you have hung your garden from it, it is time to transfer the plants to it. We suggest that you take some time to pick the plants and achieve a suitable and desired design by moving the pots. Now your walled garden is ready. All you have to do is take regular care of the plant and make sure it gets enough light and water.

For example, if you have chosen plants such as pothos and ferns that like high humidity, spray them with water from time to time to moisturize them. Also, if you feel that your plants are not receiving enough light, you can use special lights next to them.

By making the first potted garden and taking care of it after a while, you will become a professional and you can have several wall gardens, each of which is a special collection of different plants with their own needs that live next to each other.

What can we do to prevent the wall behind the wall garden from getting wet?

You can cover the whole back of your garden with thick and healthy plastic so that moisture does not reach the wall. You can also take your plant out of your walled garden for irrigation and move it back after watering.

What plants are suitable for a wall garden?

Plants with long, drooping foliage are usually more beautiful in these gardens. Plants such as ivy, philodendron and other similar plants. It is also better to choose plants that like light and the environment almost equally, because it is certainly not possible to put a plant that likes full and direct sun next to a plant that loves shade.

How to put plants in a wall garden?

If you build your garden from the above method, you have two ways to place the plants. One is to pour soil in each part and plant the plant in it. Another is to prepare a small pot suitable for the size of each part and place the plant with that pot. We recommend the second method. This will extend the life of your garden, make it easier to irrigate the plants, and most importantly, do not damage the excess water in your garden. Finally, you can move your garden to a new location at any time.

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