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How to propagate Crassula portulaca?

How to propagate Crassula portulaca?

How to propagate Crassula portulaca?

Get to know more about the crassula portulaca

Jade plant is a succulent plant native to South Africa. This plant is evergreen and has glossy round leaves. The plant grows relatively slowly and rarely flowers. If the conditions are right, caring for the Crassula plant is easy. Crassula needs very little water and is easy to propagate. In order to be able to cut the Crassula plant successfully, you need to know the tips of cutting the crassula portulaca. Cuttings can be easily done at home with simple tools. A mother plant can be used to create a large number of smaller crassulas. Like other plants, after you propagate Crassula, care must be taken to keep the new plants healthy and growing. Follow “ How to propagate Crassula portulaca” article to get familiar with Crassula portulaca propagation.

How to propagate Crassula

Cutting Crassula portulaca

The most common method of propagating Crassula is by cuttings. Cuttings from Crassula are easy to do. But encouraging cuttings to take root requires time and attention. Crassula is a succulent and is not compatible with high humidity. Constant moisture eventually causes the delicate, newly grown roots of the plant to rot. Cuttings can be made from leaves or part of the stem. Cuttings are important. To cut, you need a sharp knife or scissors, suitable soil (sand and perlite) and a few small pots.

Crassula leaf cuttings

Propagation of Crassula by leaf cuttings is the easiest way to propagate it. But this method is more likely to fail than stem cuttings. It also takes a long time for leaf cuttings to grow and grow to a considerable size. This time is shorter for stem cuttings. Follow these steps to prepare leaf cuttings:

How to propagate Crassula portulaca?

Choose the right leaf to separate. Younger, moderately sized leaves have a better chance of rooting than older leaves.

Remove the leaf from the stem with sharp scissors.

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Place the leaf cuttings in a dry place away from direct light for 3 to 5 days before placing them in a suitable bed. During this time, the wound from the incision heals and dries. This will help prevent cuttings from rotting.

After a few days, place the sharp end of the leaf in a suitable bed that you have prepared. Keep cuttings away from direct sunlight until rooting. After placing the cuttings in the soil, do light watering. After that, you can irrigate whenever the soil is completely dry.

After a while, very small stems with small leaves begin to grow from the leaf cuttings. This small new stem is your new plant. At this time, the leaf cuttings themselves begin to decay and dry out.

Crassula stem cuttings

Propagation by Crassula stem cuttings is also relatively easy. This is done by removing part of the stem of the main plant and rooting it. Cuttings can be rooted in both soil and water. Follow these steps to prepare Crassula stem cuttings and create a new plant from it:

Choose a stem that is the right size.

How to propagate Crassula portulaca?

Cut the part of the stem that is above the knot. The cuttings themselves must have at least one knot.

Remove the lower leaves of the cuttings. The large, mature leaves absorb the energy of the plant and do not allow this energy to be used for rooting. So leave only a few young leaves at the top end of the cutting.

Leave the stem cuttings in a dry environment for a while to repair the cut. This will prevent the cuttings from rotting.

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After a few days, transfer the cuttings to a suitable bed with high drainage. You can soak the ends of the cuttings in rooting hormone before placing the cuttings in the soil. This will help them root faster.

Pay attention to the shape of the leaves to show you when to water. Whenever the leaves begin to wrinkle, it is time to water. Irrigate only when necessary to prevent root rot.

By rooting the cuttings, you can transfer the new plants to the pot and enjoy growing your new Crassula.

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