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How to solve Panama disease

How to solve Panama disease

How to solve Panama disease

What is Panama’s disease?

Panama is one of the most destructive diseases of bananas plants. It is caused by the ground mushroom, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense (tropical race 4).

 How does Panama Tr4 disease influence bananas production?

Plants affected by the Panama Tr4 disease rarely produce marketed clusters. Once established, the fungus persists on the floor for many years, which makes the production of variety of bananas susceptible, as economically unrealizable Cavendish.

 How does the disease spread?

Panama  disease is more frequently  transmitted by the movement of the infected vegetable, but can also spread with the ground and water movement or with contaminated equipment. It is not an aerial disease.

 Panama disease in Queensland

Surveys have been confirmed in different areas of the same property. The disease was not detected in any other property. However, it is now considered that the Panama Tr4 disease is present in Queensland, however, is under official control and is the approach of a broad control and containment program aimed at minimizing the dissemination of the disease.

How to solve Panama disease

Significant risk

This represents a significant risk for the production area of the North Queensland banana. More than 90% of the production of Australian bananas is located in North Queensland and Queensland, is an important banana supplier at the Western Australia market.

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 What is Queensland’s government’s response to these detections?

The response of Queensland’s biosecution is a monitoring and containment program, commitment and community education in association with the industry. Manufacturers are encouraged to focus on strengthening their biosecurity practices in order to protect their activities.  Further information on the detection of Panama Tr4’s disease and the current situation in Queensland can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Queensland Fishing Department.

 Which impact will have the detection of Queensland in the Australian banana industry?

There are about 200 banner companies in the areas of Tully and Innisfail. The Department of Agriculture and Fishing of Queensland has recommended that agricultural banana operations in the North Queensland production area and in other regions of banana cultivation as usual, including the collection, packaging and transport of bananas.How to solve Panama disease


How to solve Panama disease? Dafwa has implemented biosecurity measures to limit the removal movement of containers in an area within 50 km of the Kununurra or Carnarvon post office, which contain or contain banana fruits cultivated or packed in Queensland, unless each Container has not been: Inspected by a Dafwa Farentnine WA inspector and is free of land and debris plants.

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 How much does it last?

How to solve Panama disease? Biosecurity measures will be underway unless further information is available to demonstrate that the conditions are no longer justified. The banana fruit Queensland is still sent to the WA market? Queensland remains the main banana supplier to the Western Australian market.

 What can banana producers to prevent Panama’s disease (TR4) on their property?

How to solve Panama disease? Panama TR4’s disease is more commonly transmitted by the movement of the infected vegetable material, but can also spread with the movement of soil and water or contaminated materials. The producers are encouraged to protect their companies, strengthening their innumerant biosecurity practices.


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