How to water plants on the regular schedule?

How to water plants on the regular schedule?

How to water plants on the regular schedule?

In this article we want to know How to water plants on the regular schedule? We humans need water, air and food. All creatures need their own food. Plants also need soil water for sunlight. If we humans do not eat and drink water on time, there is a possibility of illness or even death. The same is true of plants. Irrigation timing is important when it comes to watering plants, especially watering pots.

How to water plants on the regular schedule?

Today, due to the change in people’s lifestyles and their living in apartments, there are probably pots in every house. It is possible to determine the irrigation time and the amount of water required for the pots. The goal of a regular schedule is to provide enough water to irrigate the pots. It is necessary to benefit from constructive and good opinions in the regular schedule for watering the pots. An equipment-based method should be used, ie soil water and climatic parameters, and then irrigation.

These ideas and experiences should be based on a range of personal experiences as well as following new methods and strategies based on equipment that can be used to study and measure soil water and climatic parameters. This technique Schedulers used to water the flowers and plants should measure the amount of water in the potting soil and then irrigate the flowers and plants, but how is the potting soil moisture measured or measured?

Watering flowers and plants and their moisture

There are several methods of soil moisture measurement. It should be noted that not all people have a hygrometer to water flowers and plants. It is unlikely that anyone will have a hygrometer in their apartment. To solve this problem, in the following, we will explain the methods that each person can use in their home.

How to water plants on the regular schedule?

The right time to water the pots

The question that some people ask is when is the right time to irrigate flowers and plants? Morning or noon or evening In response to these loved ones, it should be said that the best time to water the pots is early in the morning before sunrise, and whatever time goes to night is not a good time to water the pots. But why not irrigate at night? Because at night, a very small amount of water in the pots evaporates and causes fungal problems for the plant. You should not pour water on the leaves at noon because the light shines directly on the plant and causes stains on the leaves.

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Just as food consumption varies from person to person, for example, a child’s food intake is different from an adult or an athlete from a normal person. In plants, each plant needs different irrigation. An example we mention here is the cactus plant. Cactus needs little watering. So to water the flowers and plants, we must first know the plant and then irrigate.

 But how do we know if it is time to water the flowers or plants?

For this purpose, first remove the soil of the pot a little. Up to four inches or five inches deep, depending on the needs of the pot and the knowledge you have gained about your plant; If you check to this depth and find that the potting soil has dried, it needs to be re-irrigated.

How to water plants on the regular schedule?

The best water temperature for watering flowers and plants

Use water that is not cold to irrigate the pots. The water temperature should be about the same as room temperature and the chlorine should be removed. To do this, it is enough to leave a container full of water for 24 hours so that its chlorine is eliminated and its temperature is the same as the temperature of the pot storage environment. Then you can irrigate with this water. Another thing about pots is to check the drainage of the pots.

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Check under the pots from time to time to make sure the water comes out of the holes slowly. Because this passage of water does not cause the plant to rot, and even if you do enough watering the flowers and plants, but if the pot does not drain properly, the plant is in danger. If water comes out of the hole under the pot quickly, it indicates that the soil in the pot has accumulated or wrinkled and the soil has separated from the wall of the pot. Here, pour some leaf soil into the pot and mix it with the previous soil, or another way is to change the soil of the pot altogether. It is best to change the potting soil every few months and add some new soil to the pot.

Use PlantNet to water plants on the regular schedule

When you are walking in a park or garden and you come across a beautiful flower, you will probably want to know its name. If you are not a botanist yourself and your surroundings can not help, fortunately there is a PlantNet app that can do it for you.

This very useful educational application contains a huge archive of 3700 known plant species and can detect different plants through leaves, fruits, flowers or bark.

All you have to do is take a picture of the plant and leave it to PlantNet for analysis. The app can detect the plant with “acceptable” accuracy by matching your photo with its image archive.

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