Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

The plant Guzmania is known as the Red Star and the scientific name Guzmania lingulata.This flower belongs to the Bromeliadaceae family and is native to the Americas. Guzmania belongs to the humid and rainy areas. In this article, we intend to present the Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant.  Therefore, it needs high humidity.

Guzmania is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses, patios and apartments, and since Guzmania is light-loving, it should have enough light or artificial light in its home or workplace. It is one of the plants that flowers only once during its growth and development. Its height reaches 25 to 30 cm.

The leaves of this flower grow around a central axis and in the middle there is always some water on which the life of the plant depends and it should always be full of water and it is better to replace it with fresh water every few days.The leaves are 45 cm long, shiny, light green, narrow. The leaves have a smooth, fleshy edge. The plant lives for three years and flowers only once at the end of its life.

Take a look at Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

Storage conditions of Guzmania plant

the light

This flower needs moderate light, but it should get enough light throughout the year, Be careful to keep the plant away from direct sunlight so as not to damage the leaves and central trunk of the plant.

Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

Guzmania, among other members of the family Bromeldiaceae (pineapple), adapts to low light environment and grows well in an environment with 80-75% shade.This plant responds very well to artificial light such as fluorescent lamps. Therefore, for homes that are dimly lit and deprived of indirect sunlight. And they use artificial lights for lighting during the day and night. It is a suitable plant.

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The temperature of 27-18 degrees Celsius is suitable for the growth of this plant.The minimum temperature it can withstand is 13 degrees Celsius.Cold weather prevents the plant from flowering. Also, if the temperature drops too much, it will cause the plant’s leaves to turn black and disappear, especially its lower leaves. Excessive increase in temperature also causes the tips and margins of the leaves to turn brown and eventually dry out. The best temperature for storing Guzmania flowers in spring and summer is 18 ° C.


This plant is moisture-loving. And when the ambient temperature was high, the plant needs spraying. In such cases, to prevent damage to leaves and flowers, spraying should be done daily.

Introduction and maintenance of Guzmania plant

 watering systems

To irrigate Guzmania plant, it is better to use light water without salts.Unlike plants, the wetting of the leaf base causes them to rot.In irrigating this plant, by pouring water into the peduncle cavity, satisfy the plant’s moisture needs. Always keep the soil moist in spring and summer. But in winter, let the soil surface dry a bit, then water

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During the growing season of the plant, ie twice in summer and twice in spring, feed it with half the recommended amount. Note that excessive use of fertilizer can first burn the leaves of the plant and eventually kill it.

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