Introduction of types syngonium and caring methods

Introduction of types syngonium and caring methods

Introduction of types syngonium and caring methods

If you are looking for a beautiful plant with easy caring conditions, Syngonium is a good choice. In addition to beauty, syngonium is also very important in Feng Shui theory and is a source of positive energy. The heart-shaped buds of this plant change color and shape with age and show new beauties. Join us in this article to get acquainted with types (syngonium) and caring methods.

The best types of syngonium

  1. Pink Allusion

The wonderful combination of pink and green colors on its foliage along with the dark green margins makes this type of syngonium more prominent than the rest of its family and has many fans. This beautiful plant needs moderate care and prefers bright and filtered sunlight to always have soft pink leaves. If this variety is exposed to low light, it loses the beautiful color of its leaves and gradually changes to green.

  1. White Butterfly

The attractive combination of shades of green and white with the contrasting border of dark green gives it a butterfly-like resemblance. This species of syngonium has creeping branches and can be moved vertically using a stick or trowel, rope or net in any direction.

  1. Mini Pixie Miniature Syngonium

This is a really small type of syngonium that is known for its mass nature. It is very attractive thanks to the dark green heart-shaped leaves, which are highlighted with a silver center.

Introduction of types syngonium and caring methods

  1. Syngonium Variegatum

This species has green foliage with random splashes of white. This beautiful plant grows its heart-shaped foliage, which gradually takes on the tip of an arrow as it matures.

  1. Exotic Allusion

In this species, light green leaves are evenly stained with a creamy white shade and look more attractive with dark green corners. It works best in bright and filtered sunlight.

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  1. Green Gold

The leaves of this species have green leaves with margins and golden yellow leaves. This species has scattered leaves and a little hanging and is a good choice for hanging baskets or pots.

  1. Syngonium Bold Allusion

The pale green leaves of this variety are embossed with very soft pink streaks at the bottom, creating an amazing plant. This plant is very hardy and easy to care for.

  1. Syngonium Cream Allusion

This plant displays prominent cream green foliage with pink streaks. This plant species is compact and shrubby and has medium foliage.

  1. Five Finger Syngonium

As the name implies, the foliage of this plant appears with 2, 3, 5, 6 lobes. The heart-shaped leaves are dark green and blend well with powder-like white spots.

  1. Syngonium Painted Arrow

The rare variety of cream, white and green shades on the foliage of this plant seems really rare. Place this stunning plant in bright light so that it does not lose the beauty of its leaves.

Introduction of types syngonium and caring methods

  1. Holly Syngonium

The leaves of this plant are more like silver-green color. Unlike other types, the foliage is pointed and remains compact and small.

  1. Pink Splash Syngonium

The small, pale green leaves of this plant distinguish it from the rest with pink spots. This houseplant is well adapted to indoor air conditioning. The appearance of the leaves of this species is elongated and without having a heart shape.

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  1. Syngonium Emerald Gem

The leaves of this beautiful species have an emerald green color that looks more attractive with deep cream streaks. This plant is very fond of small pots.

  1. Trileaf Wonder Syngonium

Trileaf Wonder Syngonium foliage is very slender, starting with pale green leaves and becoming shiny and dark green over time. This plant grows rapidly and responds well to high humidity and indirect sunlight.

  1. Syngonium Albolineatum

This type of syngonium grows rapidly and produces pale green, arrow-shaped leaves with streaks of cream color that extend across the leaf.

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