Keeping amaryllis year-round

Have you ever thought about keeping amaryllis year-round? To grow this beautiful tropical plant and take care of it, you must know some essential steps. So, here in this article, you will become familiar with some ways for keeping amaryllis year-round.

All about amaryllis

One of the best and most impressive flowers you can grow is the amaryllis. This flower has huge, trumpet-shaped blossoms which may measure up to 8” across. The colors of these flowers can range from velvety red to pink, peach, white, and sometimes pale green. Amaryllis is considered a tropical plant and winter hardy in frost-free zones 9-12. In most areas, people plant the amaryllis bulbs indoors to enjoy their blooms between November and April.

Why is amaryllis special?

An amaryllis bulb includes all the necessary things for creating a living bouquet of big and beautiful flowers. The only thing you need to do is to plant the amaryllis bulb and water sparingly.

There are many other varieties of amaryllis, and each one of them has its unique color and style. The best way to start growing amaryllis is to choose your favorite one. You need to know that amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow, and just by following a few considerations, you can start growing amaryllis. Amaryllis is a thoughtful gift for people who enjoy the beauty of flowers.

The meaning behind amaryllis

Generally speaking, amaryllis means determination, love, and beauty. Due to their height and sturdiness, the Victorians used to relate amaryllis to strength and determination. Moreover, amaryllis can be a sign of success, so you can gift it to someone who has gained a hard-won achievement. In Greek, amaryllis is a famous name for girls and means β€œto sparkle.”

The reason behind keeping amaryllis year-round

As we know, winter is all about piles of dirty snow and leafless trees. So the aesthetics of winter may make you miss the warm days of the year. But there is a good solution: you can think about growing amaryllis by planting its bulb to enjoy a little bit of springtime that grows on your windowsill!

Amaryllis grows out of a bulb. Each bulb of amaryllis grows up to three stems with 4 to 8 star-shaped funnel flowers. The color of each stem may range from white to red or pink. After a while, some green leaves will grow next to the flower stems.

Amaryllis usually blooms in January. Therefore, a great way to make your home feel better during the chilly months is to consider keeping amaryllis year-round. If you take care of the bulb, you can consider recycling the same plant every year. This way, you can enjoy its blossoms every year.

Growing amaryllis

When you feel that you are ready to grow your amaryllis, you only need to keep these things in mind:

  • Consider planting your amaryllis in a large container with a loose potting mix.
  • Consider looking for a sunny, warm, indoor home for your plant.
  • Consider watering your amaryllis on a regular weekly basis. Remember that the soil of your amaryllis must remain moist.
  • Consider turning the pot occasionally. This way, you can ensure that the stem stays straight, instead of reaching for the light and becoming top-heavy when it grows.
  • Consider looking for a bloom after 4-8 weeks.

How can you take care of your amaryllis after it blooms?

When your amaryllis blooms, there are some steps you must keep in mind to take care of your amaryllis and help it bloom year after year:

  • When the flower buds are open, it is a suitable time to trim the stem. With a sharp knife, carefully cut the stalk up to 6 inches above the bulb. You must make sure that the leaves are still attached. These leaves are necessary for the nourishments of your plant through photosynthesis.
  • While the weather is getting warmer, you can consider moving your amaryllis to an outdoor location. As a result, your amaryllis will get enough filtered sunlight.
  • Keep watering your plant regularly until September.
  • Then, bring the pot inside and prune its leaves. Then store your amaryllis pot in a dark and cool place. It will stay dormant for several months.
  • You must bring the pot into the light in December and then consider watering it.
  • Make sure that the soil is moist. Then place your amaryllis pot in a sunny window. Now, the process starts again!

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