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Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it

Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it

Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it

Philodendron Prince is one of the species of Philodendron flower, which is considered as one of its dazzling and beautiful species. Philodendron belongs to the family Araceae.

Philodendron Prince is native to tropical America, South America. This plant is not normally visible in all environments. To gardeners, this plant is like a tree branch alone. Most of the fame of this plant is due to its large size. The plant is orange-bronze at the beginning of its development when it produces new leaves.

Over time, the color of the leaves becomes golden as it grows older, and as the plant ages, its leaves turn dark green. In this article we are going to talk about Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it.

Take a look at Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it

Dedicated specifications

Scientific name: Philodendron

Need for light: Very little

Temperature required for plant life: 21 to 29 degrees Celsius

Propagation method: cuttings

Are Philodendron flowers poisonous?

This plant is kept as an apartment plant in many homes.

But the point to pay close attention to is that the prince is poisonous despite his beautiful appearance and glittering leaves.

And be careful that children as well as pets do not approach the plant.

Conditions and characteristics of plant maintenance

Watering Philodendron Prince

To irrigate this plant, a few points should be considered and well observed

This plant needs an average humidity of 50%.

To irrigate Philodendron Prince, the distance between each irrigation must be well observed, ie the soil must be allowed to dry to be ready for re-irrigation.

But the dryness of the soil should not be too much like a dry branch.

The water needed to irrigate this plant should be cool.

Due to the tropical spirit of the plant, it can cause a pleasant shock to the plant during irrigation.

Care should be taken when watering the plant if excess water collects under the pot to drain it so as not to cause problems.

Because excess water rots the roots.

Irrigation of Philodendron Prince should be regular.

Because if it is dehydrated, its large and beautiful leaves will start to shrink and turn yellow.

Irrigation of this plant is different in different seasons, in winter it does not need water urgently because it grows less, but in summer this plant should not be left without water and the soil should be constantly moist.

It is this attractive feature of the plant that has adapted the prince to stay in the apartments.

In general, we must remember that all philodendrons react to moisture, and the prince is no exception.

Therefore, it is always necessary to maintain moderate to high humidity for it.

Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it


The prince needs little fertilizer and the fertilizer needed for this plant should be light.

Liquid fertilizer is better for this plant.

Light fertilization in spring and summer is best applied to the soil every month, and in winter and autumn this process should be done almost every two months.

Be careful if you notice that your plant is not growing enough and its leaves are small and faded, check the soil and the amount of fertilizer to the plant.

This indicates a lack of magnesium and calcium in the plant.

Of course, it should be noted that too much fertilizer can cause the tips and sides of the leaves to turn brown and brown.

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As mentioned in the introduction of this plant belongs to the tropics.

So it can withstand heat but not so much!

If the colorful prince is kept indoors, the maximum temperature that is favorable for him is between 21 and 29 degrees.

And a minimum of 16 is ideal for him.

Do not forget that this plant is not exposed to very cold or very hot weather!

In this case, the edges of the leaves begin to shrink.

Light required by the prince

Apart from the tropical nature that this leafy plant has, it is not very dependent on direct sunlight.

On the contrary, direct light causes it to burn its beautiful leaves.

If this plant is kept outdoors, for example in the yard, it should be in a place that is not blocked by light.

Do not forget that the location of Philodendron Prince should not be in full shadow.

Because if it does not get enough light, the plant will lose its leaves.

The interesting thing about the prince is that it also protects very well against fluorescent light.

Philodendron Prince and how to maintain it


The prince grows well in well-drained soil with organic matter.

In fact, the soil of Philodendron Prince should be mixed with peat moss-based soil with perlite or vermiculite.

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How to change the prince vase?

Slowing of the plant and unusual shrinkage of the plant’s leaves can be a sign that the pot is smaller for the plant.

If you intend to change the pot, it is recommended not to use a very large pot.

The new pot should be only 2 cm larger than the previous pot.

Because the larger the pot, the more water remains in the soil, which causes root rot and eventually plant death.

If you do not want to change the pot, you should replace the pot soil with new drained soil.

Finally, prune the plant to remove excess plant load.

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