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Plant care in the spring

Plant care in the spring

Plant care in the spring

It is very important to take care of houseplants in spring because this is the beginning of their growth and germination and it is the season when plants gather their energy and store it to face the winter. Plants enter this season with the passage of winter cold, and going through these changes is stressful for them. Join us in this article to get acquainted with the best plant care in spring and do it step by step with us.

Guide for Plant care in the spring

Because plants wake up from their long winter break, they have different needs in the spring. So use this checklist and join us to set up your plant care routine at this important time.

Plant care in the spring

  1. Clean the leaves

Spring cleaning time and your houseplants are no exception. Dust settles on the leaves of plants just like your furniture. Cleaning the leaves helps them look and feel healthier. If you want clean indoor plants in the spring, you should take them out and wash the leaves with a gentle spray from the garden hose. Also, instead of bringing them out, you can wash them in the sink or shower with low water pressure. Or you can gently clean the leaves with a damp cloth.

Tip: Do not use any gloss or wax on the leaves. These products can clog pores and damage sensitive plants in the home.

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  1. Do not forget to change the pot

Spring is the best time to plant houseplants. Changing the pot causes new growth and stimulates new space and provides enough space for plants to grow. But you should keep in mind that only some plants need to be replaced, and some will be shocked and destroyed by the new pot. Check your plants and see if some of them have not grown for a long time, it is better to change their pots.

Plant care in the spring

Some of the most common signs that your plant has grown in a pot and needs a new pot:

The roots grow from the bottom of the pot or from the top of the soil

The pot seems to be about to burst

Water passes through the soil without wetting the soil

The roots grow in a circle inside the pot

  1. Slowly pull the plants out

Many houseplants enjoy being outside in the spring and summer. But you should not just move them there suddenly. It is better to adapt them slowly to living outdoors.

Houseplants can get sunburn just like us. They are also accustomed to living indoors without wind, heavy rain or high temperatures. Therefore, to prevent serious damage to houseplants in the spring, first move them to a semi-open space or shade and gently move them outdoors for a few weeks. Be careful not to move them outside at night as the temperature will be much lower at night and the plant will catch a cold.

Check them every day. If you see any brown, white or clear leaves, they get too much sun. In this case, return them to the shade for a few more days.

Plant care in the spring

  1. Water more often

Since your houseplants wake up in the spring, it’s time to start watering them regularly. This helps them reach the growing season through healthy growth. For most indoor plants, it is best to keep the soil moist during the spring and summer months. So start checking the soil weekly in the spring and water it when you feel dry.

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Never water automatically with a specific program, and always rotate your finger one inch deep in the soil first. If it feels wet, do not add more water.

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