Plant wall ideas

Plant wall ideas

Plant wall like Roof Garden is a new and modern idea and means choosing a suitable wall in the empty part in the desired place (home or workplace) and placing green and live plants vertically completely on It is that in addition to unique and special beauty, it also has many benefits.

Follow us to implement the plant wall process and follow the content to the end. Of course, it is better to leave the implementation of this attractive idea to an expert and professional decoration designer. Read and share this wonderful and interesting  information about plant walls with your friends and family members who love and care for the plants in their life.

Benefits of plant walls

In recent years, many studies have been conducted that have examined the effects of plants on individuals and the results related to its effectiveness on people’s mood. These results include improvements in coping with stress, task performance, emotional states, and environmental assessment. Given that our natural population is shrinking with increasing population, it can be said that in fact the main focus of plant wall and vertical gardens is to create better environmental conditions. Plant wall is a simple yet innovative structure that brings many benefits.

Also, building a plant wall is important in densely populated countries where car use, number of factories, and so on are high, because if the plants used in the green wall are natural, they will play a very important role in clearing the air. That is why in recent years, the issue of designing plant walls for houses in many countries have been seriously pursued and owners of capital are encouraged to build green walls for houses and buildings.

Systems in the installation of plant walls

To implement this idea, there are panels ready to be installed, but in general, there are several portable, cable, network and polymer modular systems and main modular parts for plant  wall. It is better to use a portable module for installation because you will also be able to move it. To do this, measure and mark the selected space with a meter.

Equipment needed to run a plant wall

You can get help from beautiful wooden boxes that are readily available. If you use second-hand pallets made of wood, they have a lower price and you will also need geotextiles, plastic meters, staples, glue and scissors. Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement.

Plant wall ideas

Ideas of plant wall

1.Innovation in raw materials

Let’s start by examining how unexpected materials can create the most unique vertical gardens! Take this green wall, for example, which is made of plastic soda bottles.

2.Use old pipes

Another clever example is to use copper pipes to build vertical gardens. In this example, copper tubes are used to make the vertical shelf and green vases are placed on this copper shelf.

3.Combining pots and old shelves

You can even attach old shelves and pots and use them to build a vertical garden. This shelf attaches to the wall and its wallpaper will be your wall wallpaper, which doubles the beauty of your plant wall.

4.Colored moss

There is another way to have a green wall that uses some kind of moss. In this model, we use a large wooden frame or a large wooden box that has a small depth. Wood material will be a good substrate for the plant wall and also visually the plant is very beautiful next to the wood

5.Herbal bags

Tarpaulin bags are an ideal option for keeping plants on the wall. You can get these envelopes or bags from stores or make them yourself from waterproof fibers such as tarpaulin. You can even use items and utensils that are in the form of pockets or envelopes.

6.Green studs

Using gutters and studs to build a green wall is another way to have a plant wall. Gutters and studs are highly resistant to erosion and moisture and therefore will last longer.


If you are changing the decoration or renovation of your home or workplace and you have a suitable empty wall and space, be sure to use the new, attractive and wonderful idea of ​​a green wall and enjoy the result. In addition to beauty, this will caress the eyes and create positive effects on the psyche and relaxation, as well as the benefits of reducing pollution and temperature and creating clean air.

Green wall or green wall is covering an empty wall with live and beautiful plants as well as design with lighting. In this article, we have explained the green wall and how to implement it and the principles of its care. Thank you for your support, tasteful artists.

History of green walls (plant walls)

Until the seventeenth century AD, vineyards were seen in the Mediterranean, with branches of hairy trees hanging on the walls. There were also creeping rose gardens at that time, and now the effect of their presence on these castles is very evident. These were examples of the first green wall that people were very interested in.

 Until the 20th century, the first house design with a garden was launched. At that time, people enjoyed having such houses, and according to the historical background of the Green Wall in Babylon, the Mediterranean and…. With the help of cables and wires, they made a scaffold on the body of the walls and even as a roof on the yard and directed the growth of plants towards these scaffolds.

People are moving towards plant cultivation They went, which after a little growth, reached the scaffolding, and as a result, after a while, it covers the whole wall and scaffolding. This is how the green wall was designed and now the construction of the green wall is part of the design of buildings and residential houses. It is interesting to know that many people know the gardens covered with green walls as vertical gardens.

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