Principles of modern gardening

Principles of modern gardening

Modern gardening is an approach to the agricultural industry, which favors healthy products free of unnatural and harmful substances. Although this approach is not limited to the promotion of fertilizers, hormones, boosters, modifiers, insecticides, and pesticides, it does cover all of these.

The basic idea of ​​this style of gardening is to produce products with maximum nutritional value and minimum hazardous substances for human, animal and plant health.

Principles of modern gardening

Modern gardening has four general principles that include; Health is the ecosystem, the common good and care. These four principles are in a way complementary and complementary to each other.

In modern agriculture, the steps that each process must go through include; Production, processing, delivery, storage and consumption, all of which follow the four principles of  gardening.


The principle of health in modern gardening is one hundred percent against the use of hazardous chemicals in various stages of planting and harvesting. According to this principle, substances that cause the slightest damage to microorganisms in the soil should be completely removed from the processes of the agricultural industry.

In fact, any substance or process that affects products or introduces toxic substances into the environment cycle is unauthorized and prohibited.

In this way we can say with confidence that healthy soil, healthy product and healthy product, builds a healthy body. Therefore, we conclude that the basis of healthy gardening and farming lies in soil quality.

 The soil for growing food crops should be well-structured, rich in the nutrients the plant needs, retain sufficient moisture, and facilitate the plant’s respiration process.

However, the soil of all regions of a country, and even a small gardening sector, can never have approved agricultural characteristics in all seasons.

This is where the need for natural fertilizers comes into play. Iron fertilizers, humic acid, seaweed, poultry pellets, and a variety of natural NPK boosters have the potential to make soil healthier and work on healthier crops.

Principles of modern gardening


The second principle of modern gardening, called ecosystem, means the development and spread of environmentally friendly farming techniques. This principle is contrary to any substance or process that is harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, providing the conditions for the survival of different ecosystems is one of the approaches that is followed through the idea of ​​the principle of ecosystem. Here is the balance and conservation of natural resources is another approach to the principle of ecology, which is considered in various aspects of agriculture.

Just like the principle of health, natural fertilizers adhere to the principle of ecology. Natural fertilizers not only do not release any toxins or harmful substances into the environment, but also significantly remove pollutants from nature.

In addition, chemical fertilizers damage ecosystems in various ways and affect the health of humans, animals and plants. Groundwater pollution is one of the consequences of the use of chemical fertilizers, which has caused irreparable damage to natural resources and the health of living organisms.

3.Public interest

The principle of public interest means the prevalence of a fair attitude towards all actors in the gardening industry: farmers, ranchers, suppliers, traders and consumers.

Creating a suitable environment and providing favorable conditions for working in the gardening industry, as well as the supply of healthy products, is the third principle of modern gardening.

The principle states that all living things, from humans to animals and plants, must be properly nourished, that pricing of products must be to the benefit of the farmer, the merchant and the consumer, and that the demands of anyone with any connection to the agricultural industry It must be met reasonably.

4.Taking care

The fourth principle of modern gardening refers to the protection of natural resources and their transmission to future generations. This principle emphasizes the non-use of agricultural techniques that have negative consequences on natural resources.

 However, modern farming enthusiasts prefer traditional farming techniques to modern farming techniques. But modern agriculture is a combination of up-to-date knowledge, human logic, efficient innovation, and the experiences of indigenous farmers and ranchers who worked in the industry before the advent of chemicals.

Benefits of modern gardening

Modern gardening has a tremendous impact on people’s lifestyles. In addition to the agricultural and farming industry, this approach can be developed and applied in different industries and different aspects of human life. Here are the most important advantages of modern agriculture:

  • Elimination of chemicals threatening human, animal and plant health;
  • Eliminate additional costs incurred by synthetic additives;
  • Ensuring the health and quality of food products;
  • Improving the taste and nutritional value of agricultural products;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Caring for natural resources for future generations;
  • Improving soil quality;
  • Improving the nutrition and daily life of human beings;

The role of natural fertilizer in modern gardening

The use of organic fertilizers covers a significant part of gardening approaches. Natural fertilizers are in line with the four principles of health, ecosystem, public benefit and care and help to realize this idea.

  • Natural fertilizers ensure the health of soil, plants, food products and consumers;
  • Natural fertilizers not only do not harm ecosystems, but also help preserve and enrich them by improving soil structure;
  • Organic fertilizers are in the public interest both in terms of crop health and economic efficiency;
  • Organic fertilizers help humans to transfer natural resources to future generations by maintaining water moisture and purifying soil and groundwater;

The role of humic acid

Humic acid, as a substance obtained from the heart of nature, is a clear example of adherence to modern agriculture. This article covers the four principles of agriculture and farming and is considered the flagship of organic fertilizers.

The good news is that as a supplier of liquid and powdered humic acid, we work to produce and supply a variety of natural and harmless fertilizers in order to achieve the goals of modern agriculture.

 Our concern, like that of agricultural ideates; Health development is the preservation of the ecosystem, the creation of the common good and the care of natural resources.

Fifteen years of importing and exporting natural fertilizers such as iron fertilizer , humic acid, poultry pellets and seaweed have addressed some of our concerns about the prevalence of organic fertilizers and the replacement of natural materials with chemicals.

As a respected farmer and gardener, you can order a variety of natural fertilizers and have them delivered to your desired location with a simple call and talk to our committed consultants.

Free consultation and food program for all kinds of agricultural fields is a small part of our services, which we have considered for the welfare of the working class of our society.

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