Step-by-step tutorial on replacing houseplants

Repotting or replacing houseplants does not always imply replacing a plant’s present planter, but rather altering its soil or potting mix. Fresh fertilisers mean new soil. If you adore your present planter, this is fantastic news. Here is step-by-step tutorial on replacing houseplants.

When is the right time to change a pot?

Plants don’t remain little for long, especially if they like living in your house. All of the TLC you give them—the proper light exposure, fertiliser throughout the growing season, and a well-timed watering schedule—could potentially leave your cherished plant looking a little shabby a year or two later. It’s nothing to be concerned about because you’re doing everything correctly, but you must respond when you notice the warning signals. Here’s how you tell when it’s time for replacing houseplants.

How to replace a houseplant pot

Remove the plant from its present container.

Turn your new plant sideways, carefully hold it by the stems or leaves, and tap the bottom of its existing container until it falls out. You may need to assist it with a couple mild pulls on the base of the stems.

Remove the roots.

Gently loosen the plant’s roots using your hands. You can cut any extra-long threadlike roots, but be sure to leave the thicker roots at the base of the leaves. If your plant is root bound (the roots grow in very tight spirals around the base of the plant), unbind the roots as best you can and cut them.

Take out the old potting soil.

Remove one-third or more of the potting mix that surrounds the plant. Your plant took some of the nutrients in the present mix as it grew, so if you’re potting it anyhow, you’ll want to give it fresh mix!

Replace the potting soil.

Fill the new planter with fresh potting soil and compress it down to remove any air pockets. If the bottom of your new planter does not have a drainage hole, cover it with lava rocks or anything similar (rocks, gravel, etc.) before adding the potting mix. The idea is to create fissures for surplus water to collect into, away from the roots of your plant.

Include a plant.

Set the plant from the grow pot on top of the new planter’s fresh layer of mix, ensuring sure it’s centred, and then pour potting mix around the plant until it’s secure. Make sure not to overfill the planter with soil, as you want the roots to breathe.

Drink some water and relax.

Evenly distribute the potting soil on top and thoroughly water! It’s important to note that a newly repotted plant does not require fertiliser.

Supplementary tips on replacing houseplants.

Examine the drainage hole to see whether roots are growing through it

The growth seen above the soil is equally visible below, where room is limited. A strong root system will eventually overrun the pot and try to expand, but with nowhere to go, the drainage hole is the only choice. Simply said, the plant is looking for more space.

Roots packed firmly in the container can indicate that extra space is required.

If feasible, gently remove the plant from its container by holding the plant’s base with one hand and tipping the pot with the other, drawing up and away from the plant. Severely pot-bound plants may fail to emerge because their roots have packed in so tightly that there is no wriggle space left. A plant that needs a new, larger container will have a dense mass of encircling white roots with very little dirt showing.

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