The benefits of having plants in hospitals

The benefits of having plants in hospitals

The benefits of having plants in hospitals

For centuries, humans, in addition to beauty, have used the high power of plants in medicinal purposes. These medicinal properties are not just the use of leaves, oils or the preparation of herbs by plants, but the healing properties of keeping them in a medical center, a proven hypothesis. Keeping live plants in clinics, hospitals or offices has many benefits for sick people and their companions. Some of the benefits include stimulating the sense of smell, sight and giving life to sick people. Join us in this article to get acquainted with The benefits of having plants in hospitals.

The benefits of having plants in hospitals

Learn about the benefits of keeping plants in hospitals

The atmosphere in hospitals is often full of tension and stress, and this problem has devastating effects on the minds of patients and their companions. The presence of live plants in hospitals promises life and renewal of hope and can increase the feeling of calm in patients and reduce their stress and fear by bringing a sense of nature and vitality to this space.

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Houseplants or a window into nature!

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. There is a small window in this room, only the bed near which can see a little of the view from behind. There is a lawn behind the window and the outside world, and the green space of the hospital is a bit obvious. By looking at this window and the beautiful green plants and birds, the sick person feels the healing power of nature and this energy accelerates the healing process. Also, according to some doctors, it is better for the patient to go out for a few hours during the day and return to the room by walking in the heart of nature with positive energy and recharging. But what about sick people who do not have a window next to them !?

Keeping houseplants indoors can act as green space behind windows and improve patient health. In addition to touching nature, plants raise oxygen levels, and some of them can lower blood pressure with the fragrance they emit, thereby reducing the patient’s need for painkillers and boosting a patient’s overall mood. Today, the use of plants in medical centers and different parts of the hospital is necessary, and researchers believe that plants increase the feeling of health and vitality in patients and thus help their recovery process.

Use of plants in different parts of the hospital

You can use medium-sized plants inside doctors ‘rooms, patients’ rooms, etc., and store larger plants in lobbies, hallways, operating room waiting areas, and more. Also, using small greenhouses or patios in hallways or lobbies can benefit patients and visitors alike. Modern hospitals today use new ways to take advantage of plants, such as the roof garden, and the landscape of patients’ rooms.

Creating backyards with natural grass flooring along with ornamental trees and fruit trees that surround it and a small zoo of birds, rabbits and… can have a tremendous impact on the mood of patients, staff and visitors.

Advice to sick visitors

One of the methods that visitors use to cheer up the patient is to bring a bouquet or basket of flowers. Although all human beings love the scent of branch flowers, we suggest to the sick companions that instead of bringing arranged flowers that are short-lived, use their living and potted specimens. A pot accompanies the patient throughout the hospital stay and comes home with him after recovery. However, branched flowers last only a few days and unfortunately then end up in the trash.

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If you want to use a potted plant for your patient, it is better to use a resistant plant with many benefits. Be careful in choosing your plant and use plants that are grown naturally and their aroma does not bother the patient. Before buying a plant, increase your knowledge about medicinal plants and choose a plant from this list that will play an effective role in the patient’s recovery process. For patients suffering from respiratory problems, asthma, allergies and., Choose plants that have less fragrance and your gift will not affect their health. Plants such as:

  • Petus
  • Aloe vera
  • Censsoria
  • Ficus elastica
  • Spati Filum
  • Ferns

They are very suitable for visiting the patient and help his recovery.

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