The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use

The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use

The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use

Evergreen Plants show stability in almost all harsh environmental conditions.

And because they maintain their vegetative growth at the same time as the leaves fall, they always look green and lush.

It can be said that there are thousands of species for indoor and outdoor environments around the world.

In this section, we will mention just a few examples of The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use.

List of The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use

Evergreen plants for the balcony

Evergreen plants, unlike deciduous plants and trees, do not lose all their leaves together in the cold season.

But throughout the year and gradually.

And at the same time as leaf fall, they also have leaf growth and therefore always look leafy.

This means that evergreens are hardy all year round.

From hot and cold climates to dry and wet so you can always take advantage of them.

However, choosing plants that are highly beautiful and easy to find is difficult.

In this section, we introduce the best evergreen plants for the balcony:

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It is one of the plants that everyone loves its color and smell and it is definitely the best option for the balcony.

Especially since it is also evergreen.

The leaves of this plant are fragrant all year round and varieties with purple, white and pink colors are available for purchase.

It blooms in summer, which multiplies its beauty.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Including plants that grow all year round and are also creeping.

Due to the production of beautiful star-shaped flowers in summer, it is known as jasmine, which smells like jasmine.

The leaves also turn green-bronze in winter.

 (Magnolia grandiflora)

One of the best and most beautiful evergreens for the balcony is white magnolia.

The shiny green leaves of this plant, which are bronze in color at the bottom, have multiplied its beauty.

The flowers of this plant are cup-shaped and creamy white in color that smell like citrus throughout the year.


If you are looking for evergreen plants for your home balcony that need very little maintenance

You should choose succulents, the best of which is Simperium succulent.

Surprisingly, it survives in any situation.

The flowers and their cover are very beautiful and look like roses.

They are seen in red and green-gray colors throughout the year.

The best evergreens for indoor and outdoor use

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Cold-resistant evergreen trees

Fir Tree

Among the evergreen conifers, which is an excellent ornamental option for homes, outdoors and parks.

Its coniferous leaves are available in different colors such as blue-green, dark green and green-gray.

And cones grow at the tips of the branches, which distinguishes them from other coniferous trees.

Young cones are green, purple or blue, but gradually turn brown.

They are adapted to any conditions, but soils with low acidity and humidity and direct sunlight are the best conditions for growth.

Cedar Tree

Among the most famous evergreens are cedar and conifers.

The leaf cover grows in dense clusters and the leaves are blue-green or dark green or garlic green, depending on the species.

The oval cones are green and turn brown as they grow.

They grow in any condition, but the best soil conditions are always moist with proper drainage and direct sunlight.

Cypress Tree

It is an evergreen and abundant plant with scaly leaf cover, which can be found in green-yellow to blue-green and dark green colors, depending on the species.

The cones of this tree are elliptical and the cypress tree is always fragrant, varying from a pungent to citrus-like odor.

They grow very easily and with minimal maintenance and care and adapt to any conditions except very cold areas.

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Evergreen houseplants

The best evergreens that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use are:


They are dense trees with ornamental and decorative aspects from which small flowers grow, but they do not have a long life.

They grow slowly and the soil should be well drained.

Pruning should be done in a timely manner so that the inner leaves are not destroyed by high density.


Evergreen plant with lanceolate leaves with regular lines on the leaves.

And they have very good resistance to drought.

The leaves of this plant are long and have a yellow border, and watering is done once in 10 to 15 days in direct light or even shade.

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