ways for anthurium flowers to bloom

 ways for anthurium flowers to bloom

ways for anthurium flowers to bloom

Anthurium is a flowering plant that produces beautiful red, pink and white flowers all year round. The leaves of anthurium are evergreen, leathery and heart-shaped, which gives a special beauty to the plant, but even with healthy leaves, having flowers on the anthurium has another attraction. In some cases, after shedding the first flowers of Anthurium, despite all the suitable conditions, this plant still does not flower. In this article, we will talk about different topics that can prevent your anthurium from flowering, solving any problems and encouraging the plant to flower so that you can see the beautiful flowers of your this article we are going to provide ways for anthurium flowers to bloom. Join “ways for anthurium flowers to bloom” to learn all you should know about anthurium flowering.

Why does my anthurium not flower?

Anthuriums are sensitive to their surroundings, and issues such as moist soil or insufficient light can prevent them from flourishing. Encourage your anthurium to thrive by exposing it to plenty of indirect sunlight, proper irrigation, high humidity, and weekly feeding with dilute phosphorus-rich fertilizer.

Is your anthurium planted in the right soil mix?

One of the reasons anthurium flowers do not bloom can be the type of potting soil in which it grows. If you do not use a well-drained soil mixture, water will probably not drain quickly every time you irrigate. Flooded soil can suffocate the roots by preventing oxygen uptake by the roots. This weakens the plant and deprives it of the energy it needs to flourish, as well as root rot in the near future.

To maintain anthurium growth and continuous flowering, use a soil mixture made for orchids, or a mixture of pine bark or peat planting base, and mix it well with materials such as perlite or volcanic rock to ensure root aeration. Be. Of course, make sure there are drainage holes in your plant pot.

 ways for anthurium flowers to bloom

Low light is the most common reason for anthuriums not flowering

Insufficient light is one of the most common reasons for houseplants not to bloom. Anthuriums can survive in low light conditions and even produce a lot of foliage, but they will not flower if they do not have a lot of indirect sunlight. Your plant should be in a place that receives bright but scattered and indirect light throughout the day (not just at certain times).

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If you do not have enough light in your home or workplace, use full-grown growing light to make sure your anthurium gets great light for 9 hours a day so you can grow the vibrant flowers that this Enjoy the plants they create.

Note: Pale textures on the leaves can be a sign of lack of light. Indirect flowers require bright indirect light to encourage them

Temperature issues may prevent anthuriums from flowering

The temperature range for these tropical plants is 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit (21-29 degrees Celsius), so anthuriums are generally happy in most indoor environments (as long as the plant is not exposed to sudden temperatures). Anthuriums are very sensitive to rapid temperature changes that occur if they are located near an external door or window or near heating and cooling vents. So flowering houseplants like anthuriums may simply be moving the fan or finding a place where your plant is safe from this kind of temperature change.

 ways for anthurium flowers to bloom

Anthurium and moisture

Anthuriums need a moist environment. Lack of moisture causes the foliage to lose its luster. Anthurium is adapted to the humid environment of rainforests, and the lack of moisture reduces the flexibility of your plant along with its ability to flower.

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To maintain the local humidity level of Anthurium, group your houseplants and place a moisturizer near the moisture-loving handle. You can also set the plant on a humidity tray (island). The island is a shallow tray filled with pebbles and water, so that the pot is not in contact with water.

Note that if there is a lot of humidity in the air, you should balance the high humidity with a little air movement to prevent mold, fungus, insect infestation and.. So be sure to place a blower fan gently near it, but do not allow air to reach the plant directly. In addition to sudden changes in temperature, high airflow dries out your anthurium quickly and can burn the plant’s foliage.

Proper irrigation will cause the anthurium to flower

Another problem that may prevent flowering houseplants such as anthuriums is poor irrigation. Since anthuriums love moisture, it may make sense that you should keep plenty of water in the pot mixture. But as mentioned earlier, their roots need to be exposed to the air and do not work well in moist soil. On the other hand, too little water can damage your plant and its ability to flower.

So what is the right amount of water for a pot anthurium?

What you need to do to irrigate your anthurium is to irrigate the soil thoroughly so that it allows the excess water to drain out. For re-irrigation, check with a finger or a stick that the soil has dried to a depth of 4 or 5 cm and water again. Never allow the soil to dry out completely and avoid over-drying the plant.

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