What is the best time to water houseplants?

What is the best time to water houseplants?

What is the best time to water houseplants?

Watering time for houseplants is even more important than for outdoor plants. There is no rain inside the house and the plants are completely dependent on you for water and well-being. In addition, the indoor space is less ventilated, which makes the plants more sensitive to excessive watering or irrigation at the wrong time. In the previous article, it was explained about watering garden plants, but due to the fact that the amount and time of watering houseplants is slightly different from garden types, so join us to learn the correct way and the right time to water your houseplants.

The best time to water houseplants

The best time to water the plants during the day is in the morning before the weather warms up and the sun comes up. This will allow your plants to absorb water without losing too much water and evaporating too much. However, make sure your foliage is dry by night to reduce the risk of plant diseases.

Is the evening a good time to water ?!

Before knowing the best time to water houseplants, you should know why you water your plants first ?! Water is essential for their survival, and it is true that morning watering is usually best, but if your plants are very thirsty, it is best to water them regardless of the time of day, rather than waiting for the right moment.

Tip: However, be careful when watering plants at night or in the evening. If watering is done at night, you should only water the roots and avoid getting water on the leaves and where it can spill into the foliage.

When watering at night, you should be more careful with houseplants, and the main reason for this is ventilation. Outdoors, due to the movement of air, the rate of evaporation will almost always be higher. Indoor air conditioning can be very poor, so the humidity level in the vicinity of your houseplants can be very high, and as the night temperature drops, evaporation stops completely.

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If you are worried about getting your houseplants wet at night, you can help improve ventilation by opening a window or placing a fan near them. This significantly reduces the risk of leaf wetting problems.

Forget the schedule for watering the plants

You should be careful not to water your houseplants as planned, as the needs of each plant in the home environment will be different. Instead, look at your plant and learn how it responds to your care. Watch for signs of watering and monitor the dryness of the pot environment and the condition of the foliage. There are 2 simple ways to understand soil dryness:

If your plant pot is small, you can use the weight of the pot as a guide to know when your plant needs watering. If you lift the pot to check its weight, you can make sure that the pot environment dries out over time.

In addition, dip your finger into the soil of the pot and feel the moisture in it. Over time, you will find that your plants like the moisture in their pots and water them according to their needs.

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What causes plants to wither?

Keep in mind that sometimes you may see signs of wilting on the plant’s leaves and water the plant, but only the leaves may need water and never water before checking the soil.

Also, in some cases, wilting can be due to root rot caused by over-irrigation. In this case, there is a lot of water, but the roots are not able to absorb it and the plant withers.

Various diseases and pests can also affect water absorption and cause leaves to wither, but this does not always mean that your plants need more water.

Withering is a symptom that you should be careful about and you should evaluate various factors to see if the plants need irrigation. So before you decide on the plant’s need for water, look at the leaves, stems, flowers and soil and look for signs of pests and diseases to treat it immediately.

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