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What is the correct way to plant flowers?

How to plant flowers in the garden is done in two ways: the first method is to transplant and then transfer to the garden soil and the second method is to sow the seeds directly in the garden. The first method has more advantages than the second method and it has a much higher probability of flower seed growth than the second method. Flowers can have awesome effects in our mood so don’t forget to share this information about planting flowers with others.

How to plant flowers in the garden ?

How to plant flowers in the garden,  like any other work, requires training that must be followed, and if it is not done, you can not have a living flower, and how to plant flowers in the garden  has principles that we must follow. Here we want to teach you how to teach these principles and rules so that we can have beautiful flowers in our gardens. For this purpose, we must first pay attention to the seed that we want to sow. Choosing the right seed is the first and most important step, because if our seed is not good, the rest of the work will not get the right result according to the principles of progress. Planting the seeds of some flowers is difficult and some is easy, so it is better to first learn how to plant flowers in  the garden with simpler seeds and then move on to more difficult steps.

In planting flowers in the garden  , after selecting the seeds, we must consider the suitable soil for planting flower seeds. Choosing the right soil for planting ornamental plants such as flowers is very important because some garden soils may cause germination and prevent seed germination. When  planting flowers in the garden , we must pay attention to the fact that heavy clay soils prevent the growth of seeds and its emergence from the soil and cause the loss of seeds. To sow the seeds, the soil should be semi-light and rich, as well as moisture retaining. The best combination for planting flower seeds includes 30% coco peat + 50% peat moss or vermicompost + 20% fine-grained perlite, which if you do not have access to it, you can use ready-packed soils.

In planting flowers in the garden  , we must pay attention to this point in which season we want to sow the seeds. If we are in the warm season of the year, we can easily plant seeds directly in the garden and outdoors, but if we are in the cold season of the year, it is better to sow the seeds first in a warm and bright environment such as a greenhouse, and after finishing. In the cold season, use it in the garden and outdoors. However, transplanting has more advantages and is better than direct planting. The seeds can be planted in a disposable glass or seedling tray or in an egg comb. Transplanting in egg combs is a better option because it retains moisture in its paper tissues and helps to moisturize the soil.

The best way to plant flowers in the garden

The best way to plant flowers in the garden is  to use the transplanting method. In this method, first we fill the container in which we want to sow the seeds with suitable soil, then we irrigate until the water comes out of the bottom of the container so that the soil has a little settling, it is even better to press the soil with a little hand. Then make a hole in the soil to a depth of 0.5 or 1 cm and put the flower seeds in it and fill it with soil or preferably vermicompost because vermicompost causes stronger seeds.

Ambient temperature is also important in how to plant flowers in the garden  . The ideal temperature for sowing seeds is 15 to 25 degrees and should not be too high and hot, and if the ambient temperature is high, sow the seeds in a cooler environment away from direct sunlight. Also, if the temperature is lower than usual, we can put a transparent mark on the seedbed so that light can reach it.

After these steps, which are needed for planting flowers in the garden, we should take the seeds to a suitable environment and irrigate them with a good spray so that the soil is moist and the water reaches the seeds, because the seeds are small and if they dry a little, they can be easily They die, so we must pay attention that before germination, the soil should always be moist and irrigated in such a way that the water reaches the bottom of the soil.

When planting flowers in the garden,  we must always pay attention to the fact that even hard seeds germinate in humid environments. Planting seeds in closed containers and pulling the mesh on it helps to germinate, but one important thing that is often forgotten is that by pulling the mesh on the soil, the temperature rises and at a temperature of 30 to 35 degrees the seeds Comfort is lost and so can bacteria and fungi.

Transfer of seedlings to the garden and how to plant flowers in the garden is when the seedling has four leaves and it is time to transfer to the garden. By removing it completely along with the soil and placing it in the new soil so that part of the stem also goes under the soil. In this way, planting flowers in the garden ends with the transplanting method.

How to plant flowers in the garden directly

 After preparing the garden and watering and fertilizing, the seeds should be planted at a depth of 15 to 20 cm and turned upside down to be mixed, then watered slowly again and wait for the sprouts to germinate. This method is usually not recommended because it is uncontrollable and less likely to succeed.

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