What is the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers?

What is the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers?

What is the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers?

All plants, even houseplants, need nutrients to grow. These nutrients can be provided through fertilizers. Fertilizers have different types in terms of constituents that we are familiar with in previous articles. But the first thing that catches our attention in preparing fertilizer is the state of the fertilizer. Fertilizers are either powdered (granular) or liquid. But what is granular fertilizer? Or what is the best liquid fertilizer for pots? This article will help you identify the types of complete solid fertilizer and complete liquid fertilizer and choose the best liquid fertilizer for your houseplants. join us to get familiar with the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers.

The difference between liquid and solid fertilizers

What is granular fertilizer?

Dry fertilizers are available in the form of granules, powders or granular fertilizers. There are both large grains that are the size of apple seeds and small grains that are powdery. Dry fertilizers are generally used for soil remediation and in combination with soil (as recommended). The method of using granular fertilizer or complete solid fertilizer is to pour it on the plant soil. Dry fertilizers are divided into two groups in terms of ingredients:

What is the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers?

Single substance fertilizer: Only one substance has been used in the composition of this fertilizer. Urea fertilizer is a type of single-ingredient dry fertilizer. The npk percentage of this type of complete liquid fertilizer also comes on its packaging. To have the fertilizer you want, you can mix several types of single-fertilizer and use a combination of them.

Mixed fertilizers: Mixed fertilizers contain a combination of several substances and are produced for different purposes. In fact, the ingredients are combined for a specific purpose and a specific plant. Using these fertilizers is easier than buying several types of single fertilizers and combining them.

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Benefits of dry fertilizer

The main advantage of granular fertilizer or dry fertilizer is that there is no time limit for use. This means that the plant is able to absorb the nutrients it needs over time. Dry fertilizers can be mixed with the soil before planting. Although soil remediation in this way takes some time, in the long run it increases agricultural productivity. In addition, dry fertilizers have a high shelf life and can be used for a long time.

Disadvantages of dry manure

Farmers will have less control over the result of consumption by using dry fertilizer. This means that, for example, if the use of fertilizer is excessive, removing it and preventing plant poisoning is not easy. Because fertilizer is mixed with soil and it is practically impossible to separate it. Of course, this problem only occurs if the fertilizer is used improperly, and if you use the fertilizer according to the instructions, the plants will rarely be poisoned.

What is the difference between liquid and solid fertilizers?

What is liquid fertilizer?

These fertilizers, as their name implies, are liquid. The concentration of these liquid fertilizers is usually high and they must be diluted with water to use them. Fertilizer concentrations and npk percentages are listed on the package. Liquid fertilizers are divided into two categories: macro fertilizers and micro fertilizers. Basic fertilizers are a type of liquid fertilizer that contains the basic nutrients needed by the plant. Micro-additives can be added to these basic fertilizers for special purposes. These additives are, for example, enzymatic compounds that promote growth. Complete liquid fertilizer is the best liquid fertilizer for houseplants that has all the essential nutrients they need.

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Benefits of liquid fertilizer

Unlike dry fertilizers, liquid fertilizers give gardeners and farmers more control. The dose of fertilizer and frequency of use is completely under the control of the farmer. Especially for potted plants for which the amount of fertilizer is very important, the use of liquid fertilizer is a better choice. You can choose the best liquid fertilizer for your houseplants from a variety of complete liquid fertilizers. It is easier to continue the fertilization program of plants using liquid fertilizer than solid fertilizer. This helps us to provide any nutrients when the plant needs them.

Disadvantages of liquid fertilizer

One of the main disadvantages of liquid fertilizers is that they have less shelf life and expiration date than dry fertilizers. If you leave these fertilizers unused for a while, they will rot. In addition, due to the special packaging of this type of fertilizer, they usually have a higher price than dry fertilizers.

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