What is the Kratky method in gardening?

What is the Kratky method in gardening?

What is the Kratky method in gardening?

Do you know what is the Kratky method in gardening ? Are you looking for a simple gardening approach to grow some plants hydroponically? Then Kratky hydroponics is the right choice for you. If you’re looking for a truly low-tech solution, Kratky hydroponics is the way to go. But what is the Kratky method in gardening?

What is the Kratky method in gardening?

The Kratky technique shines in this situation. It’s a method for growing hydroponically without the use of power, pumps, or wicks of any type. You don’t even need to add nutrients or modify your reservoir. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a truly “hands-off” growth method.


Your plant is normally placed in a net pot with growing material and placed in a reservoir in a standard deep water culture arrangement. Then, up to a specific point, fill the reservoir with nutrient solution, ensuring sure it doesn’t touch the net pot.


The airstone you add to your system will cause bubbles to form on the surface of the water, which will hit your growing media and feed your plant’s budding root system. As the roots grow, they’ll eventually reach the water’s surface, and growth will take off from there.

They won’t dry

You fill your reservoir with adequately conditioned water even more with the Kratky Method, making sure to cover the bottom third of the net pot with water. What is the explanation for this? Your plants will need water at the start of their life if you don’t use an airstone, and this method ensures that they won’t dry out because your growing media is always wet.

What is the Kratky method in gardening?

Seeding phase

As the plant grows, it will consume more water, lowering the water level – but by that time, your plant’s roots will have fallen into the nutritional solution. Aren’t airstones used for more than merely soaking the growing substrate in the seedling phase? you might inquire. You’re right: this is where the Kratky Method’s beauty begins to shine. Because you are not refilling your reservoir, your plants will continue to use water and expose more of their root systems to the air, ensuring that they receive enough oxygen to survive and thrive.

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Good for leafy

Only use for leafy greens – This strategy is intended to be simple and hands-off. As a result, it is unable to account for the increased nutritional and water requirements of fruit-bearing plants. This is for leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens, not fruiting plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and other fruiting plants.


Pests – Because your nutrient solution will stay still (because to the lack of an airstone), it will attract pests, particularly mosquitoes. To avoid this, make sure the reservoir is free of bugs and pests while yet allowing some oxygen and air to circulate through it.

What is the Kratky method in gardening?

The main benefit

The main benefit of Kratky hydroponics is that you don’t need much in the way of equipment, and you can put up a tiny garden with a few jugs, bowls, glasses, or even an old bottle you were going to throw away. Pumps, pipes, and other equipment are not required. It may, however, be dependent on the shape and size of your plants; the main challenge with Kratky hydroponics is ensuring that only the roots are submerged in water.

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The Kratky Method is affordable

If you use the Kratky method, you will save money not just on equipment, but also on electricity, nutrients, and even water. A basic system is both inexpensive to run and to set up. In fact, growing a plant in an old wine jar can be really inexpensive…

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