Would like to grow your own fresh basil in the kitchen

Would like to grow your own fresh basil in the kitchen

Would like to grow your own fresh basil in the kitchen

Basil is a very fragrant, tasty and useful vegetable. Planting basil in a pot and growing it at home makes us always and everywhere benefit from the existence of this wonderful plant. It is enough to add a few basil leaves to each food to make the taste and smell of that food from good to excellent. Basil is used in many foods and desserts such as pasta, tomato sauce, soups, noodles, soups and so on.

Of course, many people brew basil instead of tea, which has great properties and eliminates fatigue and bruises in the blink of an eye. Given the many properties of basil, it is not surprising that many people are looking to grow this plant at home. In this article, you will learn more about growing your own fresh basil in the kitchen. Please stay with us until the end of the article.

grow your own fresh basil in the kitchen

The best environmental conditions for growing basil

Like any other plant, basil needs special conditions to grow. Unlike many houseplants that need little sunlight, basil needs very, very large amounts of sunlight to grow at home. However, this plant has been constantly exposed to sunlight during its evolution, and this condition still persists. As a result, the best place to grow and plant basil in a pot are south-facing windows.

Basil needs at least 6 hours of light during the day. But if you do not have a south-facing window, you should use a fluorescent lamp or LED to provide the light the plant needs. To provide the best growing conditions, the plant should be exposed to sunlight or LED bulbs for up to 12 hours. Of course, if you are going to use a lamp, it is better that the lamp is at least 10 cm away from the plant. Basil has a strong stem and grows vertically. If your basil plant grows horizontally or its stems are weak and loose, it indicates a lack of light received by the plant.

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Basil is a heat-loving plant and grows very well in summer. In winter, however, you should place the pot in a warm place away from cold weather. Very dry air can also damage the plant. Therefore, you should not expose the plant to hot and dry winds or cold and dry.

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How to care for basil pots

Basil potting soil should be moist but wet soil will damage the plant, you should also water the plant as soon as you see the first sign of soil dryness. If the house is very dry, you should place the plant next to other plants so that the air around it is slightly humid.

Since our goal in planting basil in a pot is to eat it, it is best to prune the head of each main stem to allow the plant to grow more. Interestingly, plucking basil leaves helps to grow and produce more leaves. As a result, do not worry about picking basil leaves at all. Suitable soil for plant breeding is organic soil that should be obtained from florists or greenhouse owners.

To fertilize basil, be sure to use organic and natural fertilizers suitable for vegetables. Of course, basil is fertilized only in summer and on a weekly basis after irrigation. Fertilizer should be cut in winter and autumn.

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How to plant basil in a pot

Basil can be planted as a seed in a pot, but doing some things will increase your success in growing a strong and resilient plant. Basil seeds grow in soil at 26 ° C, as mentioned above, the pot should be constantly exposed to sunlight. But to plant basil in a pot, you need accessories such as a planting tray or seedling tray, fertile soil (a combination of two scoops of peat moss, one scoop of perlite and 4 scoops of compost), water spray, and an LED lamp.

Step 1: First, fill the seedling tray with soil up to 2 cm left to the edge of the tray and then moisten it with water.

Step 2: With the help of your fingertip, make a hole 6 mm deep in the soil and put a few basil seeds in the hole and gently cover it with soil.

Step 3: After sowing the seeds, add some water again to moisten the seeds. If your culture tray has a lid, put a lid on it to keep the soil moist.

Planting basil in a pot and how to grow it for home use

Step 4: Place the culture tray in a bright place with a temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius.

Step 5: Check soil moisture daily and re-moisten any you think have low moisture with a water spray. After 14 days, basil seeds begin to germinate.

Step 6: Once the seedling has two or three leaves, you can transfer it to a small or medium pot. Then continue the process of caring for the plant in accordance with the above.

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